You can start comparing mods and mini mod vapes below. While the details can be exhausting, we’ve narrowed your search to some of the best brands & options.

Best of Vapes

best vapes 2020 list by vapestaff

Best Vapes 2020

While ‘vapes’ is certainly a generic term, we focus predominantly on what are known as box mod and mini box mod vapes to describe these device options. Box and mini mod vapes typically involve at least some tinkering, including but not limited to swapping out coil heads and adjusting wattage. With that being said, this type of device is the most economical way of vaping, not to mention, the most satisfying. Furthermore, we’ve categorized our best vapes of 2020 by way of best overall, coil replacement availability, power and setting adjustability, simplicity and so on.

best box mod vapes list

Best Box Mod Vapes

If you’ve fallen in love with vapor and are seeking the ultimate in performance and flavor, having a trusted box mod vape is critical to your vaping arsenal. From an economic perspective, it’s roughly 400% cheaper to use a refillable tank based system than a pod device. In determining our best box mod vapes, we ranked devices by best overall, best features and settings, easiest to operate and so on. The innovation in the box mod vape category is fun to watch evolve physically and digitally.

best mini box mod vapes list

Best Mini Mod Vapes

The mini box mod vape category similarly continues to innovate as users endlessly seek the best of both worlds. On one hand, users absolutely love the affordability, power and adjustability of box mods, but aren’t thrilled with the relatively large size of the device. This is especially true when comparing the design and sleek looks of a pod device to a bulky, brick of a box mod. Again, mini and or baby box mods are a happy medium for those seeking ultimate in performance in a smaller device.