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Our VaporDNA Coupon Codes have been updated to include all the best ways to save on the most popular vapes in the industry. VaporDNA is quickly becoming one of the best online vape shops in the world. They’ve thus added an array of additional ways for their loyal customers to save on vape juice and vaping devices.

All of our VaporDNA Promo Code discounts have been updated as of May 1st, 2021.

Best VaporDNA Coupons, Promo Codes, Sales & Deals for May, 2021

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10% Off VaporDNA Sitewide

This is an oldie but a goodie. Any VaporDNA customer (new or returning) can easily save 10% off any order with no minimum order requirement. This particular VaporDNA Coupon code has been in existence since 2017 and has certainly made it’s rounds. Nonetheless, by entering ‘DNA10’ in the VaporDNA Discount code box, you’ll get 10% off. Customers will enter this code during the checkout process.

$5 Off Order

Similarly, this particular VaporDNA Coupon code has been around for a long time. It’s worth $5 off any order of $40 or more. Customers can add this in the discount box section of the checkout page. There is no ‘end date’ to these promotions and can be relied upon consistently when the special offers below no longer work or don’t apply to you. Usually the 10% sitewide discount above is the better deal.

10% Off First Order

If you haven’t already done so, you can quickly and easily save 10% off your entire order by signing up for the VaporDNA Newsletter or text marketing. Upon signing up, you’ll receive an exclusive and unique VaporDNA coupon code to use on the purchase of your choice. Additionally, you’ll receive promotional emails/texts routinely showing you new vapes to hit the market as well as discounts on select products.

Free 2 Day Shipping

VaporDNA is currently offering free shipping on all orders of $59 or more. This discount only applies to orders placed within the continental United States. Importantly, the minimum $59 purchase total needs to be met after all promo codes and discounts have been applied. It’s also important to point out that FedEx 2 day shipping is not available for PO boxes or military addresses, who would both need to select USPS ground shipping.

Free Ground Shipping

In order to qualify for free USPS ground shipping, customers will need to have at least a $49 order. The $49 mark is again, the minimum order amount required after all promos, discounts and coupon codes have been applied. Also, this shipping promotion applies towards all US mailing addresses including PO boxes and military addresses. In comparison, the standard shipping rate for US states and territories is $6.99.

20% Off Military Discount

All active duty, reserves, guard and U.S military veterans are eligible for 20% off their entire order. In order to qualify for this discount, you’ll need to email the VaporDNA team from an .mil email address and provide a picture ID showing proof of military service. Only one military discount can be used per order and you’ll need to place future orders from the same verified account in order to get 20% off.

$1 Off Signup Bonus

VaporDNA offers a tremendous amount of ways to earn discounts via their rewards program. One of the easiest is to simply signup for a VaporDNA account, in which you’ll instantly earn 50 DNA Coins which equates to a $1 discount. You’ll also earn 200 DNA Coins when your birthday comes around. DNA Coins are the same thing as points in any online rewards system. We cover all the different ways to earn DNA Coins further below.

$50 Off via VIP Program

By signing up for a VaporDNA account for free, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the VIP Program. Perks of the VIP Program entail promotions such as free shipping and gift cards. VaporDNA customers who earn 300 DNA Coins will be sent a gift card for $20. Similarly, customers who earn 1,000 DNA Coins will be sent a $50 gift card. We expect additional promotional content to be directed through the VIP Program in coming months.

$10 Off via Referrals

Like most vapor referral programs, VaporDNA offers their customers an incentive to refer customers. Specifically, VaporDNA will award you $10 for every single friend you refer. On top of that, your friend will also receive $10 off their first order. As far as we know, there are no limits to the number of people you can refer to VaporDNA. Upon creating your VaporDNA account, you’ll be given a link to share and track your signups.

15% Off Vape Juice, Pods & Coils

Unlike most other online vape shops with auto delivery or subscription features, VaporDNA offers 15% off every single subscription order. We point this out because many auto delivery promotions are just 10% off the first order and 5% future orders. This offer is available for US based customers only and simply requires you to check the ‘Subscribe and Save’ box next to the items you’d like to be automatically delivered.

25% Off All Purchases

If you’re a vapor fanatic and are good with computers and or social media, you should highly consider signing up for VaporDNA’s Influencer Program. Not only can you put yourself into a position to discount every single order by as much as 25%, you’ll be given 1 freebie on a monthly basis. Even if you’re not a social media king or queen, you can still save 15% on VaporDNA’s huge range of popular vaping products.

70% Off Select Vape Juice & Vapes

If you love vapor products, especially different kinds and flavors of devices, we encourage you to check out VaporDNA’s clearance sale section. While they don’t currently have a large array of clearance priced vape juice, they do have an absolute ton of devices at clearance prices. From pod starter kits, pod mods and disposables to tanks, vape pens and box mods, there is something for everyone at enormously discounted prices.


The NOVO X is the latest from SMOK’s line of extremely popular pod mod devices. Whereas other online vape shops charge a premium on newly released vapor devices, VaporDNA discounts them immediately. This is a great incentive to pull the trigger on some of the more popular devices because they sell out extremely quickly. So, for a limited time only, get the new SMOK NOVO X at a 26% discount while you still can.

$10 Stimulus Gift Card

As the United States and countries across the world continue to deal with the economic impact of shutting down large swaths of economies, VaporDNA is adding a little bonus for it’s customers. Right now, VaporDNA customers will receive a $10 gift card after making a purchase of $75 or more. The gift card will come via email and will need to be applied at checkout with the VaporDNA Coupon Code, ‘DNACHECK’ to be applied.

10% Off Bulk Order Discount

Disposable vapes were once an afterthought as giant box mod vapes ruled the vapor market. Well, they’re making a comeback in a big way as flavor bans restrict users vaping options. VaporDNA has gone so far as to create their very own line of disposable e-cigarettes known as SuperGood Bar Disposables. We don’t see this discount discontinuing anytime soon and it’s good for 10% off your order when buying 10 or more of any disposables.

29% Off Suorin Air Bar Lux Disposable

Suorin has dropped yet another phenomenal vaping device via the Air Bar Lux Disposable. It’s filled with 2.7 mL of salt nicotine vape juice with 5.0% nicotine by volume. It’s 500 mAh battery will last roughly 1,000 puffs. Importantly, it’s available in 7 different delicious flavors including, Banana Ice, Strawberry Kiwi, Blue Raspberry, Sunset Cocktail, Raspberry Watermelon, Grape Ice and Strawberry Watermelon.

vapordna coupon codes by vapestaff 2021

VaporDNA Deal of the Day

Promotion 38% Off VooPoo Vinci Air Pod System
Product 900 mAh Pod Mod System
Date May 1st, 2021 | While supplies last.
Details Additionally, customers can currently save 33% on Vinci Air replacement pods.

How to Use VaporDNA Coupon Codes

VaporDNA coupon, promo, discount, or gift codes work just like any other e-commerce store. While you’re not able to enter codes directly on the cart page, you’ll be presented with a box to enter codes on the checkout page. Specifically, the area to enter promotional codes is on the top right-hand side of the checkout screen.

Importantly, only one VaporDNA Coupon can be entered per order and not all products are eligible for promotional code pricing.

In addition to exclusive VaporDNA Coupon codes, a number of additional discounts are available to customers.

  • Individual product sales
  • Subscription discount
  • Referral program credits
  • Bundle discounts
  • Flash discount codes

It’s recently come to our attention that in addition to all the other savings that VaporDNA offers, they have a secret and exclusive coupon code for 10% off your entire order. This is what we call a flash sale and in fact, has a timer that will pop onto your screen giving you the chance to take advantage of 10% off within 15 minutes.

The flash sale box has been known to pop-up on the ‘About’ page and after clicking on the discount button, you’ll be presented with a rather long VaporDNA coupon code to use at checkout.

Pro Tip: VaporDNA has a featured bundle option on every product page. By opting for the bundle package that they offer instead of simply purchasing an individual product, users can instantly save an extra 5% off their order.

Founded back in 2013, VaporDNA arrived at the Vapor scene bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Over the years, they’ve not only weathered vapor politics and vaping trends, they’ve established themselves as a leader in the market.

One of our favorite aspects of VaporDNA is their efforts to stay on top of the latest vaping trends as well as their foresight to keep the classics fully stocked.

VaporDNA isn’t a fly-by-night online vape shop. They actually have two retail locations in California (one in Huntington Beach and the other in Torrance). They’ve even earned an award from Bizrate for their exceptional customer service to online customers.

Above all, VaporDNA is in the vaping business for the long run. That means ridiculously low prices, high-quality products, and great customer service for everyone.

Popular VaporDNA Promo Codes & Sales

Discount Description Expiration
10% Off Sitewide Discount Code Never
$5 Off Coupon Code w/Minimum Order of $40+ Never
10% Off Newsletter/Text Marketing Signup Never
20% Off Military Discount Never
$10 Off Credit for Referring a Friend Never
15% Off Subscription for Vape Juice, Pods & Coils Never
70% Off Select Vapes & E-Liquid Clearance Sales 09/30/20
26% Off SMOK NOVO X: POD MOD Starter Kit 09/30/20
$10 Off Stimulus Gift Card 09/30/20
10% Off 10+ Disposable Bulk Discount – Mix & Match Never
29% Off Suorin Air Bar Lux Disposable 09/30/20

Updated: May 1st, 2021

VaporDNA Coupon Conclusions

VaporDNA has come a really long way in a relatively short period of time in regards to offering promotions, coupons, discounts and additional perks. For customers who can’t seem to get enough savings, the VaporDNA text marketing subscription feature is a great source.

We cover nearly all of the major online vape shops in the United States and track Vapor Coupon and Promo Codes relentlessly. VaporDNA has among the most robust and best deals on vapor products in the industry.

VaporDNA has earned the right to be known as one of the best online vape shops and or electric tobacconists in the industry. Alongside them in that ranking are Element Vape, West Coast Vape Supply, and perhaps Direct Vapor. Other online vape shops such as Vapor Beast, Giant Vapes, Vaporfi, MyVaporStore, 101 Vape, and My Freedom Smokes are also in the running.

One of the great things about VaporDNA is their enormous selection of vape juices and vape devices. However, they also have a giant supply of vaping accessories, such as tanks, coils, and replacement pods.

So, if you like us and are constantly searching for the latest and greatest vapor products like the Zeus tank collection, or the Aegis mod device line, VaporDNA is one of our first stops. For the rich among you, you’ll be happy to know that they also keep a constant supply of DNA Chipped devices as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on VaporDNA

How does the VaporDNA Rewards Program work?
If you want to create a loyal customer base, you have to give them an incentive to continue to shop with you, especially in a competitive marketplace. VaporDNA’s Reward Program is more than generous, giving loyal customers every reason to continue their vapor product shopping with them.

Rather than points, you earn ‘DNA Coins’ in the VaporDNA Rewards Program. Customers essentially earn 2% cashback on all purchases on the VaporDNA website, which comes by way of DNA Coins.

Below are all the ways to earn DNA Coins:

  • Signup for a VaporDNA account and earn 50 DNA Coins.
  • Have a birthday and earn 200 DNA Coins.
  • Earn 1 DNA Coin for every single $1 spent.
  • Place your third order and earn 30 DNA Coins.
  • Follow VaporDNA on Instagram and earn 25 DNA Coins.
  • Upload a photo, write a review or upload a video on the VaporDNA website to earn 5 DNA Coins each.
  • Share the VaporDNA hastag on Facebook and Twitter to earn 25 DNA Coins each.

Just so you have a rough idea as to how the math works, below are the DNA Coin and cash off discount equivalence:

  • $1 off = 50 DNA Coins
  • $5 off = 250 DNA Coins
  • $10 off = 500 DNA Coins
  • $20 off = 1,000 DNA Coins
  • $50 off = 2,500 DNA Coins

As mentioned in our ‘Additional VaporDNA Coupon & Promotions’ section at the top of this page, VaporDNA sends you gift cards and other perks for customer loyalty.

This is known as the VIP Program, which is an extension of the Rewards Program.

There are 3 levels to the VIP Program and they are as followed:

  • 0 DNA Coins earned – Vape Star: Eligible for free shipping.
  • 300 DNA Coins earned – Vape MVP: Will receive a $20 gift card.
  • 1,000 DNA Coins earned – Vape Legend: Will receive a $50 gift card.

Last but not least, the Refer a Friend Program is also part of the VaporDNA Rewards Program. After creating your account, you’ll automatically be enrolled in all of these programs.

However, in order to refer your friends, you’ll need to locate your referral link inside of your account. Upon receiving your link, your friend will receive $10 off their first order and you’ll get $10 in credits towards future VaporDNA purchases.

What’s the VaporDNA Subscription Program?
If you find yourself constantly manually placing orders online for vapor products, we highly recommend signing up for a subscription plan with VaporDNA.

VaporDNA houses all of the best vapor devices, top e-cigarettes, and most popular vape juices. Therefore, the chances are that VaporDNA stocks the very devices and e-juices that routinely purchase online.

In order to create a subscription, simply check the ‘Subscribe & Save’ box on the individual product page of your favorite vape juice, pod, or coil/atomizer.

By signing up for the VaporDNA Subscription Program, you’ll be given phenomenal perks including the following:

  • 15% off all vape juices, pods and coils
  • Free shipping on all orders of $49+

Importantly, customers can easily manage their subscription plans from their VaporDNA account. Easily change the date of your automatic deliveries, the number of individual products, or the delivery schedule from your account.

In addition, customers can cancel and or reactivate their subscriptions at any time. In the rare event that VaporDNA doesn’t stock your favorite vape juices, pods, or coils, use our Vaporfi Coupon and head on over to one of our favorite online vape shops. Also, they have a phenomenal subscription program.

Does VaporDNA offer a military discount?
Now, more than ever, it’s important that American businesses show gratitude for our military members. In our opinion, offering a military discount is the trademark of a well-rounded company.

VaporDNA proudly offers all active duty, reserves, national guards, and veterans with a full 20% off every order they place online.

U.S military members must email the following information to in order to be verified for the 20% discount:

  • Picture of military ID or other proof of military service
  • Your full name
  • Branch of service
  • Block out all other information

It should be noted that select items are excluded from this discount. Additionally, only one discount can be added per order and military members must log into the same account (once verified), in order to apply the discount on future orders.

What’s VaporDNA’s shipping policy?
VaporDNA does its best to account for the increasing amount of state regulations concerning vapor products. View the VaporDNA Compliance with state regulations article to stay up to date with the latest policies.

For example, if you live in New York, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, or San Fransisco, CA, VaporDNA is unable to process and or ship any order to you due to their total ban on vaping products.

Furthermore, if you live in New Jersey, Rhode Island, or Arkansas, VaporDNA is unable to ship any ‘flavored’ vape juice or e-juice to you due to their flavor ban. VaporDNA’s plain tobacco vape juices are the flavor options available to you.

Similarly, if you live in Montana or Washington state, VaporDNA is unable to ship any CBD products to your address.

If anything is wrong with your order (wrong or damaged products), you must email VaporDNA within 48 hours of receiving your package. Orders cannot be canceled or altered after 30 minutes have elapsed from placing your order.

All shipping and handling charges stemming from refunds or exchanges are non-refundable. Customers can track their orders by logging into their VaporDNA account online.

Domestic Shipping Times & Rates:
After understanding your state’s vapor regulations, the next case to solve is exactly what you can expect to pay for shipping.

Fortunately, VaporDNA offers free ground shipping on every order of $49+ and free 2-day shipping on all orders of $59+.

If your order is less than $49 (after any VaporDNA Coupon Codes have been applied) and you don’t qualify for any other free shipping discounts, you can expect to pay the following rates:

  • USPS Ground (5 – 7 business days): $6.99
  • USPS Expedited (2 – 5 business days): $9.99 to 12.99
  • FedEx 2 Day (2 business days): $11.99 to $12.99
  • FedEx Priority Overnight: Cost calculated during checkout

Pro Tip: FedEx doesn’t deliver to PO boxes or military addresses.

International Shipping:
As many of you already know, shipping any products internationally is usually quite a mess. While it’s no different with vapor products, VaporDNA still at least offers to ship internationally.

All CBD products and loose batteries are unable to be shipped outside of the United States.

VaporDNA assumes no responsibility for products seized or stopped in the process of shipping internationally. All duties and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

Importantly, some brands are unable to be shipped outside of the United States. VaporDNA does not ship to Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, India or Malaysia (as well as others). If your country doesn’t pop-up during the checkout process, VaporDNA cannot ship orders to that location.

All international shipping rates are calculated during the checkout process and VaporDNA is not responsible for lost or undelivered packages.

What’s VaporDNA’s return policy?
The VaporDNA return policy is actually pretty lenient. They offer a full 45-day refund/return policy on most products. Due to health and safety reasons, they are unable to accept returns on consumable products such as vape juice, coils, pods, cartridges, and disposable e-cigarettes.

When it comes to alternative devices and products such as wax, oil, or CBD hardware, each must be fully cleaned prior to returning.

A 15% return processing fee will be assessed to your account for the following reasons:

  • Unclean alternative devices
  • Opened or non-defective devices
  • Devices that are clearly physically damaged
  • No defect reason is present or solution with simple troubleshooting

All shipping charges associated with refunds, exchanges, or returns are non-refundable. If the item being returned is ‘final sale’ or promotional in nature, only a refund or store credit will be given.

Do VaporDNA products have a warranty?
Unlike every single other online vape shop we’ve ever come across or been associated with, VaporDNA actually offers extended warranty options for an additional fee.

Keep in mind that VaporDNA has a very legitimate 45-day refund policy that encompasses standard manufacture defects completely. However, VaporDNA offers either a 1 year or 2 years extended warranty on most vaping devices that should be highly considered for high-end devices.

The price of the available extended warranties (replacement or repair plans) will depend on the dollar amount of the individual product.

The VaporDNA Extended Warranty plans are full coverage options, covering parts and labor as well as accidental damage. These plans feature no deductible in order to file a claim.

Pro Tip: VaporDNA’s extended warranties do not cover lost or stolen claims.

What does VaporDNA use to verify age?
VaporDNA implements the BlueCheck Age Verification process to ensure their customers are of age. This also meets FDA guidelines as well as most state regulations.

The BlueCheck Age Verification is designed with privacy and security in mind and sensitive information is not shareable or accessible.

Customers can be expected to provide their last four of their SSN, date of birth, and a photo ID. Again, while this might be a pain for some, VaporDNA goes above and beyond to adhere to federal and state regulations in an effort to reduce/eliminate underage vapor use.

VaporDNA Coupon Rating

VaporDNA is arguably one of the two or three largest brands in vapor today. They have built their reputation on offering great prices, fast free shipping, and industry-leading customer support. Additionally, their top coupon code offer for May is one of our highest rated discount offers in the industry. Comparing this promotion with their top competitors, we rated it slightly better than the ElementVape promo and slightly behind Vaporfi.

Review Current VaporDNA Promotions
Summary VaporDNA is one of the fastest-growing names in the vapor industry. With a strong customer base, great reputation, and industry low prices, they do not need to go crazy with their coupon code offers and promotions. Nevertheless, the ability to combine a 15% off coupon with free shipping on all orders makes their current deal amongst the top in the industry. Our top-rated promo code offer at the moment belongs to Vaporfi, but you could still save more shopping at VaporDNA given how competitive their pricing is.
Author Vapestaff
Rating 4.7 (out of 5)

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