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Our Ejuice.Deals Coufrepon and promo codes are refreshed often to ensure you’re aware of all the best discounts. We strongly advise you to keep in mind that the most popular brands of vape juices and vapes sell out fast. With that in mind, we’ll be keeping all of the top Ejuice.Deals coupons and promotions updated on a daily basis. Let’s be clear, there is no better online vape to get cheap ejuice deals than Ejuice.Deals.

Our Ejuice.Deals Coupon Codes were officially updated on May 1st, 2021.

Best Ejuice.Deals Coupons, Promo Codes, Sales & Deals for May, 2021

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15% Off Ejuice.Deals Sitewide

If you haven’t shopped vapes at ejuice.deals before, you’ll quickly realize that the prices are insanely low. On top of those already enormously discounted prices, customers can save an extra 15% off their entire order by using Ejuice.Deals Coupon Code, ‘AFF15’. So, rejoice, fill up your cart and take advantage of an additional 15% off even clearance priced vape juices and popular vapes while you still can.

Up to 90% Off Sitewide

We’re honestly a little blown away by the amount of savings on vape juices from ejuice.deals. Typically, online vape shops will discount a small amount of products that are going to be discontinued. At most, other online vape shops will provide giant discounts during holiday sales and the like. However, we’re seriously talking about the most popular vape juice brands in the industry at nearly half off routinely.

20% Off Military Discount

Like any e-commerce store, Ejuice.Deals salutes the United States military by offering all active duty service men and women a 20% off coupon code. Military members will need to use the VerifyPass system in order to prove discount eligibility. Importantly, this discount cannot be combined with any other coupon offers. A limit of 1 use per 24 hour period is in effect and future order will require a new code.

20% Off Puff Bar Disposable E-Cigs

If you haven’t heard, disposable vapes have been making an incredible comeback in terms of popularity, as users skirt around flavor bans. One of the most popular disposable vapes is known as the Puff Bar, which is currently available in 17 different flavors. At 20% off, which equates to only $7.99, Ejuice.Deals customers can stock up while supplies last (these typically sell out very quickly).

80% Off Hitt Go Disposable Vapes

As noted above, disposable vapes are flying off the shelves at the moment. Along with the Puff Bar, the Hitt Go is among the most popular disposable vaping options. Ejuice.Deals has 5 available flavors at an insane discount of 80% off, bringing the total price to only $5.99. Hitt Go disposables are well known for being slim and delicious. Additionally, they’re filled with 5.0% salt nicotine.

67% Off Holy Cannoli E-Juice

We’ve been covering Holy Cannoli e-juice since it hit the market a few years ago. What started out as 2 or 3 different flavors has blossomed into a well known and highly desired brand, full with salt nicotine line. For a limited time only (they sell out extremely quickly), Ejuice.Deals customers can save 67% on the entire lineup of Holy Cannoli Salt Nicotine vape juices. Discount applies to 30 mL bottles.

64% Off Yogi E-Juice

Yogi e-juice is among the most sought after month in and month out across every single online vape shop we cover. We’re frankly surprised to see it pop up on the Ejuice.Deals radar, although we’re glad and will be stocking up. Specifically, customers can save a whopping 64% off Yogi’s salt nicotine line of flavors. There are currently 8 different flavors available in 30 mL bottles with the option of 3.5% or 5.0% nicotine.

60% Off HMBL E-Juice

The Humble Juice Co became an overnight vape juice brand success upon their launch back in 2015. Since that time, they’ve been working hard, created tons of new flavors and entire lines of product. We’re happy to report that Ejuice.Deals is currently offering 60% off most of their salt nicotine line. Specifically, HMBL salt e-juices in 30 mL bottles are currently 20% off while they last. Choose between 2.0% and 3.5% nicotine.

70% Off Country Clouds E-Juice

We’ll be the first to admit, we’re behind the curve on the Country Clouds brand and have yet to test it for ourselves. However, we’re actually country boys at heart and look forward to diving into some of the flavors. I mean, who doesn’t like the sounds of Corn Bread Puddin’ or Banana Bread Puddin’? While supplies last, Ejuice.Deals is offering an enormous 70% off 100 mL bottles with your choice of 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

60% Off Pachamama E-Juice

Charlies Chalk Dust is one of the most well known artisan e-liquid brands in the vaping industry. Over the years, they’ve spread their wings to include a number of different ejuice lines including Black and White Label, Mr Meringue, Camp Fire and Pachamama. While supplies last, you can save 60% on all Pachamama flavors.

40% Off SMOK Nord Replacement Coils

There are pros and cons to both widely available standard pod and pod mod vaping systems. Pod mods are by far and away a more cost effective solution. However, sometimes it can be difficult to locate replacement electromagnetic coils or coil heads. This is why we heavily promote SMOK pod mods. For a limited time, land 40% off Nord replacement coil heads.

Up to 72% Off Nude Ejuice

So perhaps the Nude Ejuice brand was partially stolen from the ever popular Naked 100 brand. We have no evidence to support this claim however and the parent brand, Town Vapor is behind the amazing Holy Cannoli brand, so we can’t be too critical. A whopping 240 mL at only $16.99 is one of the best current ejuice discounts on the planet.

50% Off Agua Salt Nic Ejuice

Agua E-Liquids hit the shelves a few years back in roughly 2013. The line quickly gained popularity at the beginning of the ejuice rush in those days. The parent company is known as Marina Vape Manufacturing and is also responsible for the early popularity of the Alpha Vape Ejuice brand. Get 50% off all Agua 30 mL ejuices for a limited time.

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Ejuice.Deals Deal of the Day

Promotion 57% Off Keept It 100 Vape Juices
Product 100 mL Keep It 100 Dessert Based E-Juice
Date May 1st, 2021 | While supplies last.
Details Save 57% on all 100 mL Keep It 100 vape juices. Keep It 100 vape juices are available in 12 different flavors and you’ll have your choice of 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths.

How to Use Ejuice.Deals Coupon Codes

Using Ejuice.Deals Coupon Code discounts are just like any other online vape shop. Customers will simply enter their coupon code on the checkout page in order to apply the corresponding discount. In the event that a code is valid, the discount amount will instantly update the total purchase price. Additionally, should the code be invalid, a pop-up message will appear with more details.

Outside of the featured Ejuice.Deals Coupon code found near the top of this page, there’s a plethora of other ways to save on both vape juices and vaping devices.

Keep in mind however, that Ejuice.Deals entire business model is built around providing customers with the absolute best vape juice deals on the market.

Should you encounter a situation where a particular Ejuice.Deals vape juice or vape device is out of stock, we’d refer you to either VaporDNA or Vaporfi as alternative shopping sources. Furthermore, be sure to utilize our VaporDNA Coupon or Vaporfi Coupon to get the best discounts.

At first Ejuice.Deals may seem like a mirage. Ejuices at such absolutely discounted prices come off as almost illegitimate. This is because vapor users are so used to paying out the wazoo for e-liquids and vaping devices.

Ejuice.Deals has been taking a different approach and have proved successful, being in business for several years now. Where other online vape shops understandably steer towards minimum profit percentages on every product, Ejuice.Deals cuts prices down to the bare bones.

It’s not a mirage, it’s simply a business model that relies on getting a bulk discount from the distributor or manufacturer, who then doesn’t jack up the prices to typical retail levels. Ejuice.Deals has well over 30,000 returning customers and have shipped well over 100,000 orders.

If there’s one squawk from us, it’s that many products sell out incredibly fast. However, that’s how the entire online vaping industry operates.

Pro Tip: Vape juice is an incredibly profitable product. Due to the minimal amount of ingredients needed to produce these products, retailers are given huge profit margin leeway. It’s our position that ‘fair market pricing’ on a national and or global scale hasn’t really been established yet.

Furthermore, vape shops are popping up across the country because it’s a very profitable business. Therefore, when shopping for vape juices, know that there’s likely always a better deal to be had. In most cases, Ejuice.Deals will have the best possible price on any particular vape juice brand or flavor.

Popular Ejuice.Deals Promo Codes & Sales

Discount Description Expiration
15% Off Sitewide Exclusive Coupon Discount 09/30/20
90% Off Clearance Blowout Sale Limited
20% Off Military Discount for Active Duty Never
20% Off Puff Bars Disposable E-Cigs 09/30/20
80% Off Hitt Go Disposable Vapes 09/30/20
67% Off Holy Cannoli E-Juices 09/30/20
64% Off Yogi E-Juices 09/30/20
60% Off HMBL E-Juices 09/30/20
70% Off Country Clouds E-Juices 09/30/20
60% Off Pachamama E-Juices 09/30/20
40% Off SMOK Nord Replacement Electromagnetic Coils 09/30/20
72% Off Nude Ejuice 240 mL 09/30/20
50% Off Agua Ejuice 30 mL 09/30/20

Updated: May 1st, 2021

Save an Extra 70% on Select Ejuice.Deals E-Liquids

The entire Ejuice.Deals website is largely built around categorizing all of the most popular vape juice brands and flavors by price. In other words, it’s actually difficult to not find a great deal on vape juices.

Keep an eye on the ‘Best EJuice Bundles’ and ‘Daily Deals pages, in particular, to routinely land the best deals.

We love breaking down vape juice pricing by price per milliliter to compare savings between the common 30 mL and 100 mL sizes. However, Ejuice.Deals pricing is so built around discounts that it’s difficult to pull side-by-side tobacco vape juice comparisons.

With that being said we advise that vape juice shoppers keep bottle size in mind when trying to decide on the best deal. In other words, always check for 100 mL or even 120 mL options.

Below is a 100 mL vs 30 mL pricing mockup comparison on two randomly selected vape juices from Ejuice.Deals:

  • $8.99 for 30 mL = .30 cents per 1 milliliter
  • $8.99 for 100 mL = .09 cents per 1 milliliter

As you can see above, you can save an additional 70% by opting for the 100 mL option.

Ejuice.Deals has a very unique and special vape juice product offer called the Mystery Grab Bag. If you’re adventurous enough and are happy to experiment with random flavors, the cost per milliliter on these is insane.

For example, the Mystery Grab Bag allows you to choose between 60 mL, 100 mL+, 200 mL+, or 300 mL+ sizes. If you were to choose the 300+ mL option, you’d receive any combination of the following, 5 * 60 mL, 3 * 100 mL, 3 * 120 mL, or any combination of the aforementioned sizes.

As an example, if you were to opt for the 300+ option for $23.99, the cost per milliliter breaks down as followed:

  • $23.99 for 300 mL = .08 cents per 1 milliliter
  • $23.99 for 360 mL = .07 cents per 1 milliliter

For the sake of perspective, the average vapor user consumes roughly 1 mL of vape juice per day. If that same user pays .10 cents per 1 milliliter of vape juice, they’ll pay only $3 per month or $36 per year. (Compare that to a JUUL Pod for example, which costs the average vapor user $4 per day, $120 per month, or $1,439 per year.)

Check out our full list of the Best Vape Juices of 2021 for ideas on brands and flavors to try next.

Ejuice.Deals Coupon Conclusions

It’s rare for us to be caught off guard regarding pricing in the vaping industry. The amount of sales and promotions on top rated vape juice brands and vaping devices found at Ejuice.Deals is astounding.

Pro Tip: Start buying all of your vape juices from Ejuice.Deals and save more than you ever have before or will in the future.

Don’t forget to use our Ejuice.Deals Coupon codes and additional promotions found at the top of this page to knock down that price even more.

On a side note, they don’t feature a ton of vaping devices, electronic cigarettes, or disposable vapes. However, they do offer some and the discounts can range anywhere from 30% to 70% off.

Above all, they buy ejuice direct from the manufacturers, eliminating the middle man, and passing the savings on to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Ejuice.Deals

Does Ejuice.Deals offer a military discount?
Like any reputable online retailer, Ejuice.Deals does indeed offer a military discount. Military members simply need to verify their eligibility by using the VerifyPass portal.

The Ejuice.Deals military discount is good for 20% off every single purchase placed on the website. However, only 1 order can be placed in any 24 hour period and future orders also require verifying through the VerifyPass portal.

Not surprisingly, no other Ejuice.Deals coupons or promo codes can be combined with the discount.

What’s the Ejuice.Deals shipping policy?
Ejuice.Deals ships to all 50 states as well as Guam, U.S Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and military addresses. They solely use USPS Priority shipping, which costs $6.90 regardless of size. The standard time it takes for packages to arrive at your doorstep in 3 business days.

In terms of international shipping, Ejuice.Deals currently only ships packages to Canada. Surprisingly, they use USPS Priority mail and these packages typically take 6 to 10 business days to arrive.

Should an error in shipping, such as not receiving or damaged product upon receiving occur, simply contact Ejuice.Deals via suppor@ejuice.deals for information on how to proceed.

What’s the Ejuice.Deals return policy?
Ejuice.Deals adheres to U.S health codes and thus, doesn’t generally offer returns or refunds on e-liquid, atomizers, or pods.

However, they’re more than fair when it comes to receiving the wrong product, faulty products, or dealing with products damaged during shipping. You’ll need to contact the support team within 7 days of receiving your order.

Lastly, if the product you’re returning is no longer in stock, they’ll simply provide a refund to the card on file.

Does Ejuice.Deals have a warranty for vape devices?
Unfortunately, we couldn’t locate the Ejuice.Deals warranty page or information related to product warranties. However, individual vaping devices should each have their own manufacturer warranty, which Ejuice.Deals will certainly uphold.

Ejuice.Deals Coupon Rating

While Ejuice.Deals does not have our highest rated coupon offer in vapor for May, it is important to keep in mind that they have built their brand and reputation on offering significantly lower prices than any other company in vapor. Deals is in their name after all, and it shows in their pricing. The average product in the Ejuice.Deals store is priced nearly 20% lower than anywhere else.

Review Current Ejuice.Deals Promotions
Summary If you shop at Ejuice.Deals this May you are going to save money. Their prices on everything from the top juice flavors to the most popular devices simply can not be beaten. When you stack on top of that our current coupon offer, you get pricing that simply can not be beaten.
Author Vapestaff
Rating 5 (out of 5)

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