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Our Black Note Coupon Codes are consistently updated each and every week. We ensure that you’re made aware of any and all promotions, special offers and or discounts that are floating around the internet. From the currently insanely low priced Notebook Collection (59% Off) to landing 15% off by completing a survey, we’re your source for Black Note e-liquid savings.

The following Black Note Coupon Codes have been updated as of August 5th, 2020.

What are the best Black Note coupon codes of 2020?

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Featured Black Note Coupon

15% Off Entire Order

For a limited time only, Black Note is offering a whopping 15% off your order upon completion of their survey. The survey is geared towards Black Note gaining a better understanding of their customers. This 15% survey discount will be emailed to you in the form of a Black Note coupon code.

Additional Black Note Coupons & Promotions

Free Domestic Shipping

Black Note offers free shipping on all orders placed within the continental United States and have a 2 to 5 business day arrival guarantee. These orders are shipped via USPS and if the order is placed by 4:00pm (PST), it will be shipped out the same day. Also, next day shipping is available via FedEx for an additional fee.

Free International Shipping

All international Black Note orders of $100 or more will receive free shipping automatically. Foreign countries to the United States will be given an option of either DHL Express Worldwide or FedEx shipping. Should an order be less than $100, both DHL and FedEx Live Rate calculators will be used to determine the shipping cost.

Free Returns

If you are dissatisfied in any way, shape or form with Black Note e-liquid and indeed purchased it directly from the Black Note website, you can receive a full refund with 90 days of purchase. Importantly, we know of no other vape shops that offer refunds on e-liquid. Contact the support team and follow their instructions.

59% Off Black Note Notebook Collection

If you’re new to Black Note, you can save a gigantic 59% off their sample collection by signing up for the Black Note newsletter. For only $19.99, you can try some of Black Note’s most popular e-liquid flavors as opposed to paying the full $49.00 price tag. The collection contains 8 different 10 mL flavors.

Free 30 mL Black Note Giveaway

Often times, Black Note features social media contests in which participants are given the chance to win free e-liquids. Typically these social media contests involve simply liking Black Note on Facebook and or Instagram in order to participate. Follow Black Note on social media to learn about when these contests are underway.

17% Off Black Note 0 mg Nicotine

Black Note has taken the unprecedented step of decreasing their prices based on levels of nicotine. They famously trademarked the term ‘in business to go out of business’ and aren’t shy about their mission to take on big tobacco. Customers will receive a 17% discount when purchasing 0 mg nicotine as compared to the 18 mg level.

Earn 1 Point for Every $1 Spent

If you haven’t already done so, signing up for a Black Note account enables you to earn points on every order. You’ll earn 1 point for every single $1 spent on the Black Note website. Importantly, 10 points is equal to $1 for any future purchases. You’ll earn 25 points fo registering & can earn 25 points for posting a review.

13% Off Black Note 60 mL

In order to ensure your getting the very best deal on Black Note e-liquid, you can save 13% by purchasing the plastic 60 mL bottles as opposed to the glass 30 mL option. This is known as a volume discount and is a phenomenal way to pay less per milliliter of e-liquid. Keep an eye on the price per milliliter to save the most.

21% Off Black Note V Line E-Liquid

The V Line is the second line of Black Note e-liquids, launched a few years after their original blends. If you haven’t already done so, we recommend giving the V Line a shot for yourself. Black Note uses the same naturally extract techniques in developing these flavors and they’re 21% cheaper than the original line.

black note coupons by vapestaff

Promotion59% Off Black Note Notebook Collection
OfferNewsletter Signup Promotion
Promo DateAugust 5th, 2020 | While Supplies Last
TermsIn order to qualify for this Black Note Coupon discount, users will need to signup for the Black Note newsletter. The offer is only valid as a one time special for each account.

How do you use Black Note coupon codes?

In the process of using your Black Note Coupon, you’ll need to first select items and add them to your cart.

For example, you’ll have to select what nicotine ratio you’d like and what size bottle.

Black Note e liquid comes in 0 mg/ml, 3 mg/ml, 6 mg/ml, 12 mg/ml and 18 mg/ml. Bottles or volume of e-liquid is available in 30 mL glass, 60 mL plastic or 3 * 10 mL plastic.

Unlike many other e liquids, Black Note solely offers 50/50 PG/VG blends. This ratio tends to work well in every type of vaping device outside of strictly sub ohm vapes.

You’ll then simply select how many bottles you want, followed by adding the item(s) to your cart.

Once adding the product(s) to your cart, you can immediately view the cart and add a Black Note Coupon. Note that you can verify the discount on the right-hand side of the screen under the total.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that in addition to Black Note Coupon savings, you can earn rewards points to use on future purchases.

What’s the best way to save on Black Note e-liquid?

Most of Black Note’s flavors are $19 per 30 mL, with one outlier being $25 per 30 mL. The Notebook collection, however, is $49 for essentially 80 mL (or eight 10 mL bottles).

Therefore, the price per milliliter breaks down as followed:

  • $19.00 for 30 mL = .63 cents per 1 mL
  • $25.00 for 30 mL = .83 cents per 1 mL
  • $33.00 for 60 mL = .55 cents per 1 mL
  • $49.00 for 80 mL = .61 cents per 1 mL (sample pack)

We can now see that the cheapest price per milliliter is the 60 mL option. In fact, it’s 13% cheaper per 1 milliliter to go with a 60 mL bottle than it is a 30 mL.

Outside of the cost per milliliter, the Black Note V Line is actually a much more wallet friendly option than the original flavors. Customers will save 21% when opting for the V Line instead of the original series.

What else should I know about buying e-liquid from Black Note?

Unlike basically all other e-liquid brands, Black Note solely offers tobacco flavors. In fact, they set the bar extremely high for a very organic manufacturing process, quality standards and corporate responsibility.

Strikingly, they don’t characterize flavors that could anyway give minors an inclination to try their products.

The tobacco flavors are extracted from actual tobacco leaves. Absolutely zero artificial flavors are used in the process of producing Black Note e-liquids.

No ethylene glycol or diethylene glycol are found in Black Note e-liquids.

It’s pretty rad that Black Note offers a full 90-day money-back guarantee.

Black Note is on the front lines of helping smokers make the transition to vapor and has the most similar flavors to that of actual tobacco cigarettes.

If you do happen to be looking for more of an assortment of flavors? Check out our Direct Vapor Promo Codes to access their exclusive price drops and vaping bundles.

How does the Black Note rewards program work?

Behind every successful e-liquid brand is a straight forward and fair rewards program. Just be sure you know the in’s and out’s of the program when attempting to use points to make purchases.

Black Note accounts are free and easy to create to track your points.

The basic point system is as followed:

  • 1 point for every $1 spent.
  • 25 points just for signing up.
  • 25 points for posting review on Black Note website.
  • Opportunities for double and triple points.

Importantly, the Black Note Rewards Program has a few guidelines to follow:

  • Points are held for 3 days from first purchase before being eligible to redeem.
  • A minimum of 300 points are required to use towards a purchase.
  • Review points can only be gained on a product once and there is a limit of 1 product review per day.

What’s included in the Black Note Notebook sample pack?

The Black Note Notebook Collection has been a hit since it was first launched alongside the rest of the original flavors.

Currently, the sample pack consists of eight 10 mL Black Note flavors and they are as followed:

  • Virginia Tobacco
  • Menthol Blend
  • Kentucky Tobacco
  • Latikia Tobacco
  • Cuban Cigar Blend
  • Cigarette Blend
  • Burley Tobacco
  • Cavendish Blend

By having access to all of these amazing flavors at a 59% discount, you can then decide which flavor to buy in a 60 mL option in the future. This is not only a great short value, it offers huge savings for months and years to come.

Black Note Coupon Conclusions

Above all, Black Note is hands down the best brand of tobacco based e-liquid in the US. When factoring in the tremendous competition for tobacco flavors, that’s a heck of a statement.

Black Note is committed to helping smokers quit and are an incredibly strong advocate for the vaping industry. If you haven’t already done so, consider following Black Note on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Not only will you get updates on what they’re doing for the industry, but you’ll have access to even more Black Note Coupon Codes, promotions and deals.

Lastly, when it comes to stopping teen vapor use – Black Note is about the most responsible and forward thinking vapor brand around. This will only become increasingly important as regulations and public scrutiny continue to tighten around the industry.

Black Note will likely continue to lead the industry in fighting against teen vaping use as we move towards the second half of 2020.

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