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the fight against big tobacco

If you think big tobacco is going down without a fight, you are sadly mistaken.

Big tobacco is a multi-billion dollar industry who’s primary product directly relates to the death of 480,000 in the United States alone. This industry is entrenched throughout our entire society.

It’s been about 60 years since U.S. Surgeon General Luther L. Terry, M.D. released the first report connecting tobacco cigarette use directly to a myriad of cancers and chronic illnesses. Although much has been done to slow and deter cigarette use over the past 50 years, the fact remains that 1,300 people die every single day as a direct result of cigarette use.

Big Tobacco’s Financial Tentacles:

  • $20,000,000 average per year spent on tobacco lobbying (past 5 years).
  • $940,000 per hour spent on tobacco advertising and marketing.
  • $7,000,000,000 in discounts for tobacco retailers and wholesalers (fiscal year 2015 statistic).
  • $206,000,000,000 to be paid to states from big tobacco over 25 years (Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement).

The very fact that tobacco cigarettes are able to be legally manufactured and sold anywhere in the world is an abomination. These products are directly related to an average of 4 million deaths globally. Why does such a product exist? The answer is profits, and a lot of them.

Leading Tobacco Companies
phillip morris international

Philip Morris International

british american tobacco

British American Tobacco

imperial tobacco

Imperial Tobacco

altria group

Altria Group

japan tobacco

Japan Tobacco


Imperial Tobacco Company

Vapor products are the antithesis of tobacco cigarettes and their effectiveness in helping people quit smoking is one of the greatest underreported stories.

Understand this, the very same ‘news or media’ organizations and outlets that were responsible for airing/broadcasting false, misleading and essentially unethical tobacco cigarette advertisements, are now trying to shape an entirely negative narrative around vapor products as a whole.

Again, we cannot stress the importance of curbing/eliminating underage vapor use enough. However, to paint the vapor industry with such a broad brush and undermine it’s potential to ween tobacco cigarette users from smoking is misleading, unhelpful and flat out irresponsible.

Most Common Mainstream Media Vapor Hit Pieces:

  • Failure to discuss zero level nicotine containing e liquid.
  • Failure to discuss success stories for those that have used vapor to quit smoking.
  • Failure to discuss the fact that the vapor industry is thriving do to word of mouth marketing (consumers having success in quitting smoking).
  • Failure to discuss the ingredients in e liquid compared to the ingredients in cigarettes.

The best movements, those that have actually brought forth positive change throughout history are those that are organic in nature. Vapor is the bridge for current smokers to take in order to ween themselves from tobacco cigarettes.

vapor is the antithesis of cigarettes
Leading Online Vapor Retail Companies


direct vapor

Direct Vapor

juul vapor

JUUL Vapor

halo cigs

Halo Cigs

v2 cigs

V2 Cigs

mig vapor

Mig Vapor

best vape devices of 2018

Introducing some of the best vapor devices of 2018.

Vapor devices, also known as vapes and or e cigs are available in a wide variety of types, styles and sizes. Whether you’re a heavy tobacco cigarette smoker seeking a powerful vapor option or a moderate smoker in search of a sleek vapor device to replace cigarettes, there are phenomenal vapor devices to choose from.

One of the best aspects of the current vapor industry is the plethora of different brands to choose from. Furthermore, it’s this free market competition that drives innovation in the market place. Which in turn, organically drives the market to produce efficient and effective vapor devices.

Top Vapor Device Brands:

  • Smoktech
  • Vaporesso
  • Kangertech
  • Wismec

In our opinion, one of the biggest factors concerning vapor device allure is size. While some smokers don’t mind toting around a rather large vapor device, others certainly do. JUUL is a phenomenal example of a powerful yet extremely compact vapor product.

Leading Vapor Device Companies












Introducing some of the best e liquids of 2018.

E liquids, also known as e juices and or vape juices, are available in a huge array of flavors. From tobacco, menthol and fruit flavors to dessert based e liquids, there are options for every palate imaginable. Additionally, almost every single e liquid is available in a variety of nicotine and PG/VG ratios.

The e liquid marketplace is perhaps even more fluid and or vibrant than the vapor device space due to it’s low cost and ease of entry. There are small businesses all across America that manufacture, market and sell their very own e liquid products.

Top E Liquid Brands:

  • Black Note
  • Halo
  • V2
  • Vaporfi

When shopping for e liquid, you will no doubt be overwhelmed with choices. While we consider this to be a good problem to have, it’s important to find a reputable company to do business with. Finding an e liquid brand that offers a solid variety of flavors and nicotine ratios is the best route. Especially to ensure that when you do find a favorite e liquid, you can count on it’s availability.

best vapor e liquids of 2018
Leading E Liquid Brands
black note

Black Note

five pawns

Five Pawns

charlies chalk dust

Charlie’s Chalk Dust

beard vape co

Beard Vape Co.

anml vapors

ANML Vapors

fryd e liquids

FRYD E Liquids

tobacco and vapor regulations

Vapor product regulations are absolutely necessary, especially to eliminate underage use. However, over-regulation would do more harm than good for current cigarette smokers and the industry as a whole.

Where it took almost 50 years for significant regulations on tobacco cigarettes, it’s taken essentially less than 5 years to regulate vapor products. Again, vapor regulation is necessary, we just want to help you understand the attached and blatantly obvious hypocrisy and financial influence.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, M.D., is the current commissioner of the FDA, and fortunately, he understands both the potential of vapor to help smokers quit, while not underestimating the risks of underage nicotine use.

Potential Additional Looming Vapor Regulations:

  • Maximum amount of nicotine by volume.
  • Restrictions on e liquid candy like names and or flavors.

While much has been made about vapor product regulation over the past couple of years, the actual rollout has largely been a success in our opinion. As long as regulators continue to understand the importance of not over-regulating an industry that can potentially save millions of lives and billions of dollars, we’ll all be alright.

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