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The 4 Best Disposable E Cigs

Disposable e cigs don’t have the same power levels or longevity as full e cigs and box mods, but they do have a lot of advantages to offer. Namely, these devices are very affordable, highly portable, and super convenient. You can carry disposable e cigarettes around with you anywhere you go, and they don’t take
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Blu Cigs Coupon

Use our Blu Cigs Coupon this June, 2018 for all the latest savings. Blu has recently come out with the new Blu PLUS line in both a $14.99 simple rechargeable kit and a more standard full starter kit set at $42.99. Right now, for a limited time only, you can use our exclusive Blu Cigs
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Apollo E Cig Coupon

Use our Apollo E Cig Coupon this June, 2018 to save as much as possible on some of the most popular e cigs, mods, vaporizers and e liquids in the market. Apolloecigs.com is a well known online vape shop and ever expanding vapor brand. Apolloecigs constantly features discounts on it’s wide range of vaping equipment.
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MistHub Coupon Code

Use our MistHub Coupon Code this June, 2018 to enjoy great savings whenever you choose to shop with this brand, including discounts of up to 40% on selected products. MistHub is a great place to shop for all your vaping needs, stocking a huge range of devices and e liquids from many of the industry’s
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The 4 Best Box MOD E Cigs

For many smokers, box mods are the final frontier. The first step of transition to vaping is to test the waters with a simple disposable device or cigalike. Then, you might move up to a vape pen, and finally, a mod, with these impressive devices able to provide more power, more control, and more features
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JUUL Vapor Coupon

Use our JUUL Vapor Coupon this June, 2018 to cut down on the costs of JUUL Vapor’s sleek, stylish vaporizers and pods. JUUL Vapor has established a nice little niche, offering a premium quality vaporizer at a competitive price. The rechargeable JUUL device has a innovative, simplistic and discrete design with some surprisingly powerful technology hidden
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Best Vapor Coupons & Discounts for June 2018

Looking to save some cash on your vaping hardware and e liquids this month? We’ve got you covered. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that we’re always scouring the internet and checking out all of the big vaping brands all over the world to find the latest sales, special offers, promotions, discounts, deals, and
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The Top 3 Best Kangertech E Cigs 2018

If you know anything about vaping, you’ll be familiar with Kangertech. This brand sits proudly and firmly at the top of the pile when it comes to vaping devices, manufacturing an impressive lineup of e cigs of all varieties, from simple pen-style devices to more complex, high-powered mods. Kanger aims to appeal to a broad
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The Top 3 Best Vaporesso E Cigs 2018

Vaporesso is a leading manufacturer of premium grade e cigs, specializing in visually stunning devices with equally impressive power levels. This brand takes a lot of time to perfect and enhance each of its e cig designs before releasing them to the public, resulting in a relatively small but exciting range of devices, each offering
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The 4 Best Cigalike Vapes 2018

Cigalike devices are the recommended first step for any smoker on the road to transitioning to e cigarettes. These devices are built and stylized to look and feel just like regular cigarettes. They don’t feature any buttons, with the user simply needing to take a drag on the end of the device to activate it,
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The 4 Best E Cigs Overall 2018

So you’re looking to upgrade to a new e cig and want to make sure you’re getting the very best value? We understand. There’s such a lot of choice out there these days, with so many different vaping manufacturers all claiming to be the best and offering the most exciting and innovative devices. But we’ve
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The 4 Best Vape Pens 2018

Designed to be convenient and portable, vape pens are a great choice for beginners, but also work well for intermediate and advanced e cig users, especially those who prefer to easily store their vape in their pocket. When you’re out and about, you don’t always want to be carrying a big mod and lots of
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The 4 Best Pod Vapes 2018

Pod style e cigs have really taken off in recent years, becoming highly popular not just with new e cig users, but with advanced users too. Renowned for their small designs, convenient nature and excellent ease-of-use, these devices have proven to be perfect for modern people with busy lifestyles, fitting snugly in even the smallest
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The 7 Best E Cig Brands 2018

The vaping industry is still relatively young but has grown at an incredible pace, with countless new companies starting up each and every year and trying to stand out in a competitive and crowded market. Some of these companies have been much more successful than others, excelling in all of the necessary fields: product quality,
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Namaste Vapes Review

Namaste Vapes is a global brand, specializing in top quality vaporizers of all kinds, but with a big focus on dry herb vaporizers and similar devices. That’s why this brand can be strongly recommended to intermediate and especially advanced e cig users who want to enjoy different styles of vaping and taking their own experiences
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Five Pawns Coupon

Use our Five Pawns Coupon this June, 2018 to save on your e liquid order. Five Pawns rarely offers discounts on their comapny website however, there are a number of distributors that also sell the official Five Pawns E Liquid brand. You can expect to save anywhere from 15% to 30% off on select Five
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Mig Vapor Review

Mig Vapor is a Florida based company that got started by a group of former smokers who wanted to make a difference in the vaping world. Plenty of e cig companies got started in a similar fashion, but Mig Vapor stands out for offering a wide array of products for a very broad audience. With
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Black Note Coupon

Use our Partner Level Black Note Coupon this June, 2018 to save as much as possible on your new favorite tobacco flavored e liquids. The current best way to save on Black Note E Liquids is to purchase their Notebook and or Instrumenthol Sampler Boxes (which are currently 40% OFF). Black Note is a new
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We Vapor E Liquid Review

We Vapor is an e liquid company that got started back in 2014 and has developed a reputation for offering some of the most affordable e juice options anywhere on the internet. This company got started out of Rock Hill in South Carolina and expanded into Central American countries as the brand grew. Now, We
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Mist Hub E Liquid Review

Mist Hub is an Illinois based company that got started back in 2013 and has grown a lot over the years to become a leading online supplier of e liquids and other products. This review will focus solely on the e liquid offerings of Mist Hub, with the brand providing a huge range of flavors
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Mist Hub Review

Mist Hub is a growing provider of e liquids, vape devices and other vaping equipment. The brand got started back in 2013 and is headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Mist Hub doesn’t sell or produce any of its own products, instead focusing on establishing good deals and partnerships with some of the vaping industry’s leading
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Eight Vape Review

Eight Vape is a leading online vape store, specialized in offering a range of top quality e cigs and mods for intermediate and advanced users. This company is based out of Henderson, Nevada and has earned a solid reputation for offering a nice selection of products. Rather than simply sticking to the mainstream brands we
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E Puffer Review

E Puffer is a global leader in the vaping world, being one of the most experienced and widely-known brands on the planet. E Puffer got started way back in 2007 and was around for the early days of the e cig industry. Now, this company boasts of headquarters all around the globe, in the US,
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101 Vape Review

101 Vape offers a huge selection of vape-related goods and aims to be America’s No. 1, go-to source of hardware, e juice and more. This company got started back in 2013 and is headquartered in California. With a massive product catalog containing hundreds of mods and accessories from dozens of big brand manufacturers like SMOK,
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180 Smoke Review

180 Smoke is one of the best vaping companies we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with, and one of our top recommendations to those who are new to vaping. This brand produces its own line of e liquids from its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, as well as offering a vast and varied range of hardware,
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Urvapin Review

Urvapin is a growing vaping company offering plenty of great devices and lots more hardware from many leading brands. This company aims to keep its products as low as possible and is well-known for organizing frequent sales and deals around holidays and special occasions like Easter, Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Urvapin specializes in hardware, so
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Apollo E Cig Review

Apollo E Cig got started back in 2010 and has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of e cigs. Headquartered in Livermore, California, Apollo E Cig offers a huge range of products and is constantly working to add new items to its catalog. This is one company that really understands how important
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Atmos RX Review

Atmos RX is a leading innovator in the e cig industry. The company got started way back in 2010 and is headquartered in Florida. Back when Atmos RX began, the vaping industry was still in its infancy, but the founders of this company were about to change everything; Atmos RX was actually the first company
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Atom Vapes Review

Atom Vapes is a growing company, offering its own selection of mods and other hardware, specifically designed for intermediate and advanced users looking for powerful devices in compact forms. The idea behind this brand was to offer strong batteries and impressive performance levels without the customer having to invest in a physically huge device, and
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Avail Vapor Review

Avail Vapor is a brand you’ve probably heard of if you have any interest in e cigs or vaping. This company already boasts of over 100 retail locations all around the Eastern US. Avail Vapor got started back in 2013 and is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. Since it began, the brand has gone from strength
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