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We’ve been covering the vaping (specifically e cigarette) industry for a number of years now. It’s been an exciting journey & we’re happy to share our thoughts with you as it relates to some of the most well known and popular e cigarettes on the market today. In a nutshell, we came, we saw, we tested everything.

When it comes to choosing the right e cigarette for you personally, it starts with first becoming used to vapor in place of smoke. ‘Cig-a-likes’, compact and or disposable e cigarettes are an inexpensive introduction and tool to become familiar with ‘vaping’ & determining whether or not it’s going to be a viable option for you. Next comes finding a few favorite e liquid flavors and a much more economical/efficient vaping device.

Halo Cigs E Cigarettes Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs is best known for quality over quantity. Perhaps more importantly, they’re synonymous for keeping it simple. The Halo G6 is a great entry level compact e cigarette or ‘cig-a-like’, for newbies to experience vapor. The Halo Reactor line is performance and efficiency driven with slight variations in physical size & appearance – all while requiring minimal technical finagling. The Tracer & Triton lines are great intermediate level devices for those that prefer the classic ‘eGo’ size, again with very minimal tinkering.

halo cigs reactor mega e cigarette

Reactor Mega

5,000 mAh.

Shop Reactor Mega

halo cigs reactor shorty e cigarette

Reactor Shorty

2,000 mAh.

Shop Reactor Shorty

halo cigs reactor mini e cigarette

Reactor Mini

2,600 mAh.

Shop Reactor Mini

halo cigs reactor e cigarette


4,400 mAh.

Shop Reactor

halo cigs tracer twist e cigarette

Tracer Twist

2,300 mAh.

Shop Tracer Twist

halo cigs tracer e cigarette


2,300 mAh.

Shop Tracer

halo cigs triton ii e cigarette

Triton II

700 mAh.

Shop Triton II

halo cigs triton e cigarette


650 mAh.

Shop Triton

halo cigs g6 e cigarette


280 mAh.

Shop G6

Vaporfi E Cigarettes Vaporfi

Vaporfi is one of the best and most well known sources of e cigarettes on the web. Vaporfi offers an absolute plethora of options to choose from, for the newest of newbies to the most hardened of vaping pros. Their VOX, VAIO & VEX lines have a cult like following among some advanced vapors & feature maximum power customization. For those less technically inclined but still seeking performance, Vaporfi has a range of phenomenal intermediate options including the Rebel, Rocket & Pro lines. They of course also happen to offer a ‘cig-a-like’ in the Express & dry herb choices in the Atom & Orbit.

vaporfi vox 80 tc e cigarette


4,000 mAh.

Shop VOX 80 TC

vaporfi vox 60 tc e cigarette


2,600 mAh.

Shop VOX 60 TC

vaporfi vox 40 tc e cigarette


2,200 mAh.

Shop VOX 40 TC

vaporfi vox tc e cigarette


2,500 mAh.


vaporfi vox mini e cigarette


2,500 mAh.

Shop VOX Mini

vaporfi vaio 80 tc e cigarette


2,100 mAh.

Shop VAIO 80 TC

vaporfi vaio 75 tc e cigarette


2,500 mAh.

Shop VAIO 75 TC

vaporfi vex 150 tc e cigarette

VEX 150 TC

5,000 mAh.

Shop VEX 150 TC

vaporfi vex 75 tc e cigarette


3,000 mAh.

Shop VEX 75 TC

vaporfi rebel 3 e cigarette

Rebel 3

3,000 mAh.

Shop Rebel 3

vaporfi rocket 3 e cigarette

Rocket 3

2,500 mAh.

Shop Rocket 3

vaporfi pro 3 e cigarette

Pro 3

1,000 mAh.

Shop Pro 3

vaporfi express e cigarette


280 mAh.

Shop Express

vaporfi orbit e cigarette


2,200 mAh.

Shop Orbit

vaporfi atom e cigarette


3,000 mAh.

Shop Atom

V2 Cigs E Cigarettes V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs is a uniquely amazing e cigarette brand. They’ve been one of the few well known e cigarette brands in the market to actually innovate and integrate intuitive functionality to the table. The V2 Pro line is the result of well appointed engineers developing high performing devices all while maintaining a very sleek profile – by far our favorite line of all. Additionally, V2 offers phenomenal ‘cig-a-like’ or compact options in the Classic & EX lines. What’s more, V2 has recently come out with a few intermediate options in the VOID, VertX & Trinity.

v2 pro series 9 e cigarette

Pro Series 9

3,000 mAh.

Shop Pro Series 9

v2 pro series 7x e cigarette

Pro Series 7X

2,300 mAh.

Shop Pro Series 7X

v2 pro series 7 e cigarette

Pro Series 7

1,800 mAh.

Shop Pro Series 7

v2 pro series 3x e cigarette

Pro Series 3X

750 mAh.

Shop Pro Series 3X

v2 pro series 3 e cigarette

Pro Series 3

650 mAh.

Shop Pro Series 3

vapor2 trinity e cigarette


1,200 mAh.

Shop Trinity

xeo void e cigarette


1,500 mAh.


v2 vertx plus e cigarette

VertX Plus

420 mAh.

Shop VertX Plus

v2 vertx e cigarette


420 mAh.

Shop VertX

v2 ex series e cigarette

EX Series

280 mAh.

Shop EX Series

v2 classic e cigarette

Classic Series

250 mAh.

Shop Classic Series

SMOK E Cigarettes SMOK

SMOK e cigarettes made a splash in the vaping world in 2017 – a worthy splash at that. Known for their ridiculous high performance and flashy aesthetics, SMOK is an absolute favorite among advanced vapor seekers and novices making the jump into the maximum vapor realm.

smok alien 220 tc e cigarette

Alien 220 TC

6,000 mAh.

Shop Alien 220 TC

smok gx 350 tc e cigarette

GX 350 TC

10,000 mAh.

Shop GX 350 TC

smok t priv 220 tc e cigarette

T Priv 220 TC

5,000 mAh.

Shop T Priv 220 TC

smok g priv 220 tc e cigarette

G Priv 220 TC

5,000 mAh.

Shop G Priv 220 TC

smok h priv 220 tc e cigarette

H Priv 220 TC

5,000 mAh.

Shop H Priv 220 TC

ELeaf E Cigarettes ELeaf

ELeaf is sort of a staple in the vaping industry. They’ve been around since the ‘breakout’ phase of vaping and are partially responsible for it. Their devices aren’t the most ‘flashy’ but usually feature a somewhat classic look and perform extremely reliably.

eleaf istick pico 75 tc e cigarette

iStick Pico 75 TC

3,000 mAh.

Shop iStick Pico 75 TC

eleaf istick pico resin 75 e cigarette

iStick Pico Resin 75

2,500 mAh.

Shop iStick Pico Resin 75

eleaf istick pico 25 e cigarette

iStick Pico 25

3,000 mAh.

Shop iStick Pico 25

eleaf ikonn 220 tc e cigarette

iKonn 220 TC

5,000 mAh.

Shop iKonn 220 TC

Innokin E Cigarettes Innokin

Innokin e cigarettes are always a solid option. Their focus in definitely on clean overall design in a high performing unit. Overall, plenty of great choices – like any advanced vaping device, does require some tinkering with power and temps to ‘dial-in’.

innokin oceanus 20700 110 e cigarette

Oceanus 20700 110

3,000 mAh.

Shop Oceanus 20700 110

innokin coolfire ultra 150 tc e cigarette

Coolfire Ultra 150 TC

4,000 mAh.

Shop Coolfire Ultra 150 TC

innokin coolfire iv 100 tc e cigarette

Coolfire IV 100 TC

3,300 mAh.

Shop Coolfire IV 100 TC

innokin coolfire iv isub tc e cigarette

Coolfire IV iSub TC

2,500 mAh.

Shop Coolfire IV iSub TC

Kanger E Cigarettes Kanger

Kangertech or Kanger is one of the most beloved advanced e cigarette brands available. This is of course because of their incredibly clean look and high performance. Sure, like many present day advanced e cigarettes, they’re not exactly intuitive, but with a little technical tinkering, Kanger could easily become your favorite e cigarette brand.

kanger subox mini c e cigarette

Subox Mini C

2,500 mAh.

Shop Subox Mini C

kanger cupti 2 all in one 80 e cigarette

Cupti 2 All In One 80

6,000 mAh.

Shop Cupti 2 All In One 80

kanger cupti all in one 75 e cigarette

Cupti All In One 75

3,000 mAh.

Shop Cupti All In One 75

kanger topbox mini 75 tc e cigarette

Topbox Mini 75 TC

2,600 mAh.

Shop Topbox Mini 75 TC

Tesla E Cigarettes Tesla

Tesla E Cigarettes is not to be confused with the innovation or intuitiveness of Elon Musk’s Tesla brand – if that really needs to be said. However, it’s a solid brand probably most well known for their compact yet high performing devices. We look forward to seeing if one day they might step out on a limb and do some serious innovating themselves.

tesla 80 tc e cigarette

80 TC

2,500 mAh.

Shop 80 TC

tesla stealth 100 e cigarette

Stealth 100

2,200 mAh.

Shop Stealth 100

tesla stealth 40 e cigarette

Stealth 40

1,300 mAh.

Shop Stealth 40

tesla stealth mini e cigarette

Stealth Mini

1,300 mAh.

Shop Stealth Mini

Wismec E Cigarettes Wismec

Wismec is a very interesting e cigarette brand. Like most advanced vaping options in our list, they offer high performance and uniquely styled aesthetics. While Wismec’s biggest claim to fame thus far is the Predator (combatting the SMOK Alien ironically or non-ironically enough), we’re betting on Wismec being a standout player in the market place in the near future.

wismec predator 228 tc e cigarette

Predator 228 TC

6,000 mAh.

Shop Predator 228 TC

wismec reuleaux rx 75 e cigarette

Reuleaux RX 75

2,500 mAh.

Shop Reuleaux RX 75

Sigelei E Cigarettes Sigelei

Sigelei e cigarettes are a solid choice. Especially for those of you looking for something with a little extra flare. The Kaos for example features a pretty cool lighting system – that may or may not be a bonus for some. Nonetheless, Sigelei always features solid advanced options – some tinkering required.

sigelei kaos e cigarette


2,600 mAh.


sigelei 75 plus tc e cigarette

75 Plus TC

4,200 mAh.

Shop 75 Plus TC

VUSE E Cigarettes VUSE

VUSE, surprisingly enough, is the absolute heavyweight of the ‘vaping’ industry. Ever heard of R.J Reynolds, yeah, that’s who’s behind VUSE. While they don’t seem to be paying much attention to their vaping business now, it’s only a matter of time before the truly enter the industry in a big way with high performing and sleek devices. In the meantime, they have a few solid options for beginners seeking inexpensive rechargeable and disposable e cigarettes.

vuse vapor vibe e cigarette


650 mAh.


vuse vapor solo e cigarette


280 mAh.


vuse vapor fob e cigarette


280 mAh.

Shop FOB

vuse vapor connect e cigarette


280 mAh.


Blu Cigs E Cigarettes Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs has perhaps the most brand recognition in the entire e cigarette industry. While their initial line of rechargeable e cigs encouraged us all to seek higher performance, they’ve since come a long – long way. They now offer their flavors in pure e liquid form, they’ve reengineered their rechargeable device, as well as disposable line. Most importantly, they’ve come out with the Blu Pro which is perfect for newbies becoming novices.

blu pro e cigarette


950 mAh.

Shop Pro

blu plus e cigarette


140 mAh.

Shop Plus

blu disposable e cigarette


90 mAh.

Shop Disposable

Vapor4life E Cigarettes Vapor4life

Vapor4life has been around for quite awhile & offers a few solid options. They’re most well known for their Vapor Zeus, which is a great intermediate option. Perhaps most notably, Vapor4life is simply a small business out of Chicago – maybe the best thing going in the city.

vapor4life vapor zeus e cigarette

Vapor Zeus

900 mAh.

Shop Vapor Zeus

White Cloud E Cigarettes White Cloud

White Cloud is a lesser known but great e cigarette brand which focuses on beginner level options. Their Cirrus ‘cig-a-like’ and Fling disposable lines could not be a better starting place for newbies. Also, even for advanced users, every now and then (such as traveling etc) a great disposable is invaluable.

white cloud cirrus 3x e cigarette

Cirrus 3X

380 mAh.

Shop Cirrus 3X

white cloud cirrus 3 e cigarette

Cirrus 3

180 mAh.

Shop Cirrus 3

white cloud cirrus 2 e cigarette

Cirrus 2

280 mAh.

Shop Cirrus 2

white cloud fling e cigarette


450 mAh.

Shop Fling

DaVinci E Cigarettes DaVinci

DaVinci Vaporizers are fairly unknown, but have been chugging along pretty steadily – offering very solid dry herb vaping options. As of now, DaVinci offers the Ascent & the IQ, both of which focus on overall performance and clean looks in a rapidly developing niche. Between you & us, we’re looking forward to how they could possibly top the IQ option.

davinci ascent vaporizer e cigarette


2,400 mAh.

Shop Ascent

davinci iq vaporizer e cigarette


6,000 mAh.

Shop IQ

PAX E Cigarettes PAX

The PAX indeed has a cult like following among dry herb vaping enthusiasts. In fact, it’s probably the number one selling dry herb portable vaporizers on the market and that’s for good reason. The attention to detail that not only went into it’s performance and usability but also it’s sleek aesthetics is unmatched.

pax vapor 3 e cigarette


3,500 mAh.

Shop PAX 3

pax vapor 2 e cigarette


3,000 mAh.

Shop PAX 2

pax vapor era e cigarette


240 mAh.

Shop PAX Era

JUUL E Cigarettes JUUL

The JUUL is a phenomenally innovative compact or ‘cig-a-like’ e cigarette. The JUUL comes to us from the same company who developed the PAX (dry herb & wax line), known as PAX Labs. One of the most notable characteristics of the JUUL is the focus on it’s sleek design & overall appearance.

juul vapor e cigarette


200 mAh.


CYNC E Cigarettes CYNC

CYNC, also called ‘My Cync’, is a great new e cigarette options to hit the market recently. The CYNC is incredibly easy to use, inexpensive & frankly a great way for newbies to experience vaping. Additionally, even advanced users can utilize the Cync as a backup option or a device to test out new e liquid flavors with.

cync e cigarette


380 mAh.


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