Let the e-cigarette comparisons ensue. Don’t worry, we’ll do our best to guide you on your search.

Best of E-Cigarettes

best e-cigarettes 2020 list by vapestaff

Best E-Cigarettes 2020

Vaping terminology is sometimes confusing. For example, the words, ‘vapes’ and ‘e-cigarettes’ are often used interchangeably to describe vaping devices. Similarly, e liquid, e juice and vape juice are all used to describe the same thing. With that being said, we’ve categorized e-cigarettes to include pod, disposable and cigalike vaping devices. Furthermore, we’ve broken down our favorite and what we find to be the best of all e-cigarettes. In determining our best e-cigarettes of 2020 selections, we applied sub-categories such as best overall, most widely available, most powerful, most economical, most features, most compact and so on.

best pod e-cigarettes list

Best POD E-Cigarettes

POD e-cigarettes is by far and away the most popular category of vaping devices. Users love the simplicity of pod based systems and frankly the typically compact sizes. Fun fact: JUUL didn’t actually gain popularity upon it’s initial release. In-fact, JUUL was on the shelves for nearly 2 years before vapor users realized just how much they value innovation via compact size with still fulfilling power. While JUUL certainly dominates this category, there’s an incredible amount of other very viable options, including those that are much more economically friendly.

best disposable e-cigarettes list

Best Disposable E-Cigarettes

Disposable e-cigarettes are the introduction to vapor products for most users. Being able to simply unwrap a disposable and puff away certainly makes this category the most simple and most user friendly. Blu actually led this category for a few years before NJOY came onto the scene with their Daily product. The usual route that vapor users take is trying a disposable, loving it and buying so many that they kick themselves for not upgrading to a pod or full sized vape sooner (costing them a lot of money). Additionally, disposables are evolving very flavor centrically.

best cigalike e-cigarettes list

Best Cigalike E-Cigarettes

Cigalike e-cigarettes are all but on their proverbial death bed. What was once a viable vaping solution and in-fact more economically friendly than disposables, has fallen into the dark abyss of total irrelevancy. The fact is, their incredibly expensive (cartridges), lack power and the battery life is typically sub-par. Vapor users have moved far and away from cigalikes and onto pod devices. With all of that being said, cigalikes are still available and sold to users who seek the exact physical size and shape of traditional tobacco cigarettes. In that way, they’ll never die.