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Our Efun.top coupon offers are an easy way to make a great thing even better. Most vapor shoppers would agree that the best thing about shopping at Efun.top is the pricing.

The majority of the devices and products that you find on Efun.top are priced considerably less than you will find anywhere else. Use one of the coupon codes below to save an additional 10-20% on your total order this July!

15% Coupon – Applies to Every Efun.top Order

This is our most popular coupon, it will save you 15% off anything at Efun Top.

Up to 20% off Efun.top MODs

Efun.top mods are already extremely competitively priced and this coupon knocks another 20% off.

30% Off All e-liquid Flavors

Save 30% off all e-liquids for all of 2020!

latest efun.top coupon codes

Offer15% Off Any Ecig.top order.
Promo DateJuly 1st, 2020 | Expires July 30st, 2020
TermsOffer not valid on clearance items and certain brands.

Top Available Efun Top Coupon Offer for July 2020

We recommend using our promo code VAPESTAFF on any and every Efun.top order you place this July. This coupon will discount your total purchase by 15%, and can be combined with their free shipping offer as well.

While this is clearly the top overall Efun Top offer, as it works on all products and devices, it is not always the best option.

For instance, if you are purchasing e-liquids then you would likely want to use our 30% off juice offer. The same is true for certain mods, as our mod-specific coupon offer will save you the most money possible on those orders.

One final note about the VAPESTAFF coupon code is that it can not be applied to previously discounted or clearance items. Efun Top makes pricing and sales final on anything in the clearance section of their website.

efun.top coupon options - updated for July 2020

Types of Efun.Top Coupons and Promotions

Efun offers a variety of coupons and promotions, some are seasonal offers and some are product-based discounts.

For instance, we had a specific code on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which then changed for Christmas, and then again on New Years’. Each discount was different and had a different coupon code.

This means that you need to shop around for a coupon prior to making any purchase at Efun.top. It may also be worth looking at competitor pricing, at shops like Direct Vapor to see if they have a coupon that may bring the price of a device down below what Efun Top is offering.

As far as their product-based promotional pricing goes, this can often be found either on the homepage, or on the Efun.top social media pages. In these cases, Efun Top offers limited-run pricing on products from a certain brand.

How to Use an Efun.top Coupon

Using one of our Efun Top coupons can be done in four simple steps. The entire process will only take you a minute and could save you as much as 35% off your order.

  1. Find the right coupon for your order. We have made this fairly simple by laying out the details and terms for each of our coupons. Find the one that best fits your Efun.top purchase.
  2. Copy the coupon code and paste it into the box in your Efun.top cart. If using our partner-level promo code, make certain to use all caps as coupons are case sensitive.
  3. Verify your savings and discount amount. The terms and discount percent change constantly with our Efun.top coupons. Make certain you received the right percentage off your order.
  4. As a bonus side note, double-check the shipping option and speed on your Efun.top order. We have had some of our readers reach out with complaints about DHL shipping. Just check the expected delivery date before completing your order.

how to use an efun top coupon

Additional Ways to Save at Efun.top

Like many of their competitors, such as Eciggity, Efun.top offers customers a chance to save an additional 5% on any purchase by signing up for their newsletter. You can find the newsletter and discount in the footer of any page. Simply scroll down the page, enter your email address into the form, click subscribe, and you will receive the coupon code direct to your inbox.

Our coupons come from everywhere from the Efun.top social media profiles, to the Reddit vaping community, to other coupon sites. We have a dedicated team member to ensure that all of our promotions are always up to date.

Share Efun.top coupons with a friend this July! Help someone you know kick-off 2020 with a new device at a great price by sharing this coupon directory with them on your favorite social media platform. Simply click the corresponding icon below.


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