trouble shooting problems with juul device

The JUUL is a relatively simple device and thus, there are relatively few problems that arise from using it. However, over the years, we have noticed a few simple problems that commonly occur.

Without further ado, below we’ll discuss all the problems that we’ve encountered and how we deal with fixing them.

No Vapor or Small Vapor Production When Inhaling

If you’ve had a bad experience with a JUUL device in the past and have written it off due to lack of performance, the chances are that a simple hack would have changed your mind.

Understanding the simple physics of JUUL Pods will keep you happily vaping every single time you swap pods.

What on earth do we mean by the simple physics of JUUL Pods?

JUUL Pods are designed to be intuitive, to easily snap in and out as opposed to needing to disassemble a vape tank and manual fill it with e-liquid.

If the connection between the JUUL Pod contacts and the JUUL device battery posts is compromised in any way, the device will not function properly.

juul pod contacts and air bubbles

JUUL Pod Contacts

There’s nothing more frustrating than taking a draw only to find that little to no vapor (or even flavor for that matter) is being produced. However, the problem is easily recognizable and fixed.

There are two contacts on the bottom of every JUUL Pod and when connected to a JUUL device, those two contacts mount on top of the devices posts.

One of the best JUUL hacks that we’ve found to ensure optimal performance is to slightly bend the contacts on the bottom of the JUUL Pod.

We’re talking millimeters here, there is no need to massively extend these contacts.

In-fact, you can simply use your fingernail to very slightly wedge under the open side of each contact. Again, the goal is to ever so slightly adjust the contacts to a steeper angle.

By doing this simple 2 second fix before snapping your pod into place, you’ll see a dramatic increase in performance and consistency.

This isn’t rocket science, this fix simply ensures that the connection made between the JUUL Pod contacts and JUUL device posts is secure.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the surest ways to fix the problem of little to no vapor upon inhale.

Lastly, after extended periods of use, the posts on the top of the battery will need to be cleaned with a q-tip, kleenex or paper towel. Gunk accumulates over time and can interfere with the connection to the pod.

Often times by simply removing the JUUL Pod and rubbing the contacts with a cloth (or anything for that matter), as well as blowing into the device cavity around the terminals is enough to reestablish the connection.

JUUL Pod Air Bubbles

One of the other incredibly simple hacks that you can implement to get the most out of your JUUL is to recognize and deal with air bubbles in the JUUL Pod.

Almost every single JUUL Pod that we use has air bubbles that are trapped at the bottom.

If you’re noticing inconsistency in the performance of your JUUL, especially concerning vapor production it’s highly likely that air bubbles have accumulated at the bottom of the pod.

The next time that you pop open a pod from the package, hold it up and identify that there are air bubbles at the bottom of it.

Simply hold the pod at an angle and gently squeeze the clear plastic part of the cartridge until the air bubbles escape to the top.

When air bubbles accumulate at the bottom of the pod, the wicking material gets dried out due to the fact that it’s not being saturate with e-liquid and causes inconsistency.

*This is importantly also a remedy for the all too well known, burnt taste.

juul burnt taste when vaping

Burnt Taste When Vaping

After extensive use of the JUUL device, you’ll inevitably begin to notice that a burnt taste is not uncommon and is easily remedied.

The burnt taste is a result of e-liquid in the JUUL Pod being overheated (burnt).

E-liquid inside of the JUUL Pod being overheated is most typically the result of the device continuing to activate (warm e-liquid) after the user has taken a draw or inhaled.

The JUUL is designed as an automatically activated device. In other words, it’s designed to warm e-liquid and create vapor when and only when a user inhales.

However, auto-activated vaping devices are not perfect and sometimes results in the battery continuing to supply a charge to the atomizer after the user has inhaled.

Upon using the JUUL for a long length of time, users will develop a habit of checking the device after inhaling to ensure that it isn’t continuing to activate after inhaling.

There are two indicators to check after inhaling to ensure that the device isn’t activating when it shouldn’t be:

  1. Power Level Indicator Light – After inhaling, the JUUL light will remain white for approximately 10 seconds before automatically turning off. If you notice the indicator light remaining on after 15 to 20 seconds, immediately pop the pod out of the device.
  2. Warming Sound – While the indicator light is the primary reference point in knowing whether or not the JUUL remains active (warming) after inhale, another reference point is the sound. If after inhaling you continue to hear the sound of warming e-liquid (or any sound for that matter), simply pop the pod out of place to quickly sever the connection.

*It’s also important for consumers to know that in several years of using the JUUL product, we’ve never had a device randomly activate on its own. In-fact, it’s always immediately after inhaling.

juul charging and poor battery life

Not Charging or Poor Battery Life

Believe it or not, we’ve had little to no trouble with charging the JUUL.

The only thing that we would point out is always checking that the indicator light is flashing when docking the device in the charging port. Every now and then you’ll need to wiggle the device slightly in order to ensure a proper connection.

In terms of battery life, the JUUL only has a 200 mAh built-in battery and typically last about 4 to 6 hours depending on usage.

If you’re a big fan of the JUUL’s simplicity and pod availability, we strongly recommend having multiple devices. That way you can always have a charged battery ready to go all day long.

Leaking JUUL Pod

One of the many beauties of the JUUL design is the fact that the JUUL Pod is a closed system.

Therefore, the problem of e-liquid leaking is extremely uncommon.

However, we have noticed that the JUUL can indeed leak a very small amount of e-liquid when it’s placed upside-down for an extended period of time.

The fix for this is simple of course, just keep the device right-side-up as much as possible.

Additionally, it’s important to point out that you shouldn’t squeeze the pod too hard when moving air bubbles as referenced above. If you squeeze the pod too much, you’ll notice a small amount of leakage.


After vaping with the JUUL for several years, it’s clear that it’s pros far outweigh it’s cons.

While the device certainly has it’s idiosyncrasies, its simple design, strong performance and incredibly compact size make it one of the most popular vapes in the United States.

In addition, should the JUUL become lost or broken beyond simple remedy, it only costs $10 – $15 to replace with a new one.

So, if you’re of age, keep on Juuling and kick those tobacco cigarettes to the curb for good!

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