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Avail Vapor is a brand you’ve probably heard of if you have any interest in e cigs or vaping. This company already boasts of over 100 retail locations all around the Eastern US. Avail Vapor got started back in 2013 and is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. Since it began, the brand has gone from strength to strength and has quickly become a leading light in the vaping industry. Avail Vapor doesn’t make any of its own hardware, but it does offer a good range of devices from trusted brands, with a big focus on entry-level starter kits, aimed to help smokers make the transition from traditional tobacco to e cigs.

As well as offering a super selection of beginner-friendly hardware, Avail Vapor is also an e liquid specialist, producing its own flavors with top quality ingredients, as well as reselling flavors from other premium brands like Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Vape Craft, The Dreamery, and The Milkman. There’s an awesome selection of e liquids here and you know you’re getting the very best quality every time you shop with Avail Vapor. While reviewing this brand, we were reminded of another company we love: Vaporfi. You can learn more about them in our Vaporfi Review, and be sure to read through our Best E Cigs article to get some top device recommendations.

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Avail Vapor Review of Pros and Cons

When it comes to Avail Vapor, it was tricky for us to find any real flaws with this company, but we do have to highlight the fact that the brand’s hardware range is pretty limited. There are some great beginner and intermediate options here, but advanced users will need to look elsewhere for their cutting edge mods and tools. In addition, Avail Vapor’s e liquids are truly excellent in terms of quality, but they do come with some high price tags.

This brand’s e liquids really are on another level. Made with top quality ingredients and presented in attractive, eye-catching bottles, Avail Vapor’s juices are excellent and come in all sorts of flavors, from tobacco blends to menthol options, along with fruity fusions and sweet treats too. What’s more, Avail Vapor only sells high quality products from trusted brands like SMOK, Vaporesso, Charlie’s Chalk Dust and The Milkman, so you’ll never be disappointed when you shop with this brand.

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Avail Vapor Pros

  • Trusted hardware brands.
  • Awesome e liquids.
  • Consistent product quality.
  • Great customer service.
Avail Vapor Cons

  • Product availability.
  • Lack of hardware options.
  • High e liquid prices.

Avail Vapor Review Summary

avail vapor review summary

One of the very best things about shopping with Avail Vapor is that you know you’re getting top quality products every time. The brand’s hardware range might be a little small compared to other companies, but at least it’s filled with great quality devices from trusted manufacturers, rather than being stocked up with low quality products from companies you’ve never heard of. The same is true of Avail Vapor’s e liquid selection. Other companies boast of gigantic product catalogs and sell juices from dozens of brands, but this often results in an overwhelming experience for customers, who can often find themselves unsure about the quality of the products they’re purchasing. This is just one great way in which Avail Vapor can appeal to those who are new to the vaping scene. If you’re not familiar with e cigs and e liquids, you can shop confidently with Avail Vapor, safe in the knowledge that this brand only offers top quality items.

Avail Vapor is definitely a beginner and intermediate-friendly brand, so if you’re a smoker or a former smoker just giving vaping a try, we strongly recommend that you shop with this company. You won’t be disappointed, and if you’re located in the eastern half of the US, you’ll probably find a retail location near you, allowing you to shop in person and speak to Avail Vapor’s friendly representatives, who can help you choose the right options. The SMOK Stick V8 or Vaporesso Express X are just a couple of great options to get started, offering a little more power and control than the most basic devices. If you really want a simple e cig, you might have to shop elsewhere as Avail Vapor’s hardware range is pretty small, but we still recommend you give this brand’s e liquids a try as they are truly delicious and come in a huge range of flavor options. If there’s one area where Avail Vapor could improve, it would be to offer a few more devices, including one or two basic cigalikes in order to maximize its appeal to beginners. Aside from that, this brand is flawless and we can easily give them our Vapestaff seal of approval.