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Cigavette is a leading e cig company, specializing in entry-level options to help former smokers enjoy a smooth and easy transition into the world of vaping. This LA-based company offers a nice range of basic devices and disposables, with its products being renowned for their ease of use, compact form and solid power output. The brand’s classic Premiere device is as simple as it gets. Resembling a real cigarette, with a slim, compact form, this device is incredibly easy to use and a super choice for former smokers. When it comes to cartridges, Cigavette keeps things simple too, specializing in tobacco and menthol flavors that smokers will feel familiar with.

Those looking for something a little more powerful and complex could be tempted by Cigavette’s Ultimate device. Powered by a 1,300mAh battery and featuring a sleek, smart design, the Ultimate e cig is the ideal upgrade from the entry-level Premiere device. Cigavette doesn’t offer a lot of hardware, but there’s plenty of quality in these devices. If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly brand with more options, we’d recommend reading through our Halo Cigs Review. If you’d like to learn more about e cigs, specifically our top rated devices of all time, be sure to check out our list of Best E Cigs too.

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Cigavette Review of Pros and Cons

When it comes to Cigavette, we’ve broken the brand down into some simple lists of key pros and cons. On the ‘pro’ side of things, we have to reiterate that this is a very beginner and smoker-friendly brand. Cigavette clearly understands what smokers like and has tried to make devices and cartridges that cater to them. The brand’s devices are really easy to use and offer strong throat hits that former smokers will undoubtedly appreciate.

One of Cigavette’s biggest strengths is also one of its biggest flaws; this brand is so dedicated to providing for former smokers that it seems to ignore more experienced or intermediate e cig users. Aside from the Ultimate device, there aren’t many options here at all for people who want to enjoy the next level of vaping beyond a simple e cig. The lack of e liquids and other options is another drawback to this brand.

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Cigavette Pros

  • Beginner friendly.
  • Easy-to-use devices.
  • US-made.
  • Lots of starter kit options.
  • Great for former smokers.
Cigavette Cons

  • Lack of hardware variety.
  • Very few options.
  • No e liquids.
  • Lack of discounts.

Cigavette Review Summary

cigavette review summary

As we have mentioned throughout this review, Cigavette is tailored towards beginners. We all know and understand how important vaping can be. Millions of people are dying from smoking every year and e cigs are helping to change that, but it can be hard for many smokers to make the transition. Therefore, we’re always happy and impressed when brands take the time and make the effort to appeal to former smokers and help them make that transition. Cigavette is doing a great job in that regard. The brand’s disposables are a super way for smokers to test the waters of the vaping world, and the brand’s basic Premiere starter kits are an affordable and simple option for people looking for their first e cig. That said, we review a lot of brands here at Vapestaff and we can’t help comparing similar companies and seeing which one comes out on top. While reviewing Cigavette, we were impressed with many aspects of the brand, but had to admit that there are other companies that offer more. Halo is a perfect example.

While Cigavette has a small and limited range of basic devices, without any options for more experienced, intermediate or advanced customers, Halo offers a full and complete hardware range, from entry-level options all the way up to more powerful mods. Halo also offers a huge range of premium grade e liquids in multiple flavors, helping those who are new to the vaping world to see just how exciting and varied it can be. Cigavette keeps things simple, and we respect the brand for offering a nice lineup of easy-to-use, reliable products and tobacco-based cartridge flavors. It’s a fine entry point into the world of e cigs, but it’s also very limited, and if a beginner came to us asking for a brand recommendation, we’d be more tempted to speak about Halo than Cigavette. The former offers a better selection of devices, more flavor variety, and stronger hardware too. Overall, Cigavette isn’t a bad brand by any means, but a few more options in its product catalog could go a long way.