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Green Smoke is a beginner-friendly e cig brand that got started way back in 2008 in Miami, Florida. This company has therefore been around for a long time and continued to enjoy success over all those years by keeping things simple; Green Smoke only offers one device and a few cartridge flavors, but the brand’s classic, entry-level e cig is widely-regarded as one of the best options out there for newbies, being very easy to use and offering a very simple, cigarette-style aesthetic that former smokers tend to appreciate. The company offers its device in a variety of kits, allowing you to spend more and get additional batteries and cartridges if you like, or simply spend the minimum just to have the basic device itself.

We appreciate the options provided by Green Smoke and can certainly recommend this brand to smokers or people who are just getting into vaping for the first time. The e cig industry is a complicated one, and it can be overwhelming for newbies, so it’s good to see a brand like Green Smoke sticking to the basics and offering such an easy-to-use device. The only problem with Green Smoke is that it doesn’t offer any other devices as users gain experience and want to try new things. Brands like Mig Vapor offer entry-level vape pens, as well as more intermediate and advanced hardware, and you can learn more about them in our Mig Vapor Review. We also recommend reading our list of Best E Cigs.

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Green Smoke Review of Pros and Cons

For Green Smoke, the biggest pro we found for this company is that it produces a simple device which can definitely hold a lot of appeal to beginners. The Green Smoke e cig works well, offering reasonable power output, good flavors, and a very simplistic design. There’s nothing complicated about this e cig, and it’s a super entry point into the world of vaping. The brand’s prices and free shipping are also good reasons to shop with them.

On the downside, Green Smoke’s product catalog is very limited. There’s only one device here and four cartridge flavors. Unless you’re looking for a simple e cig as a backup, there’s no reason why intermediate or advanced users would want to shop with Green Smoke. This brand operates in a small niche, and we feel that a little more variety is needed for Green Smoke to rise to the next level and compete with companies like Mig Vapor.

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Green Smoke Pros

  • Free shipping.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Flavorful cartridges.
  • Attractive prices.
Green Smoke Cons

  • No variety.
  • Lack of flavor options.
  • Nothing for intermediate or advanced users.
  • Very simplistic.

Green Smoke Review Summary

green smoke review summary

Perhaps the biggest responsibility of vaping companies is to encourage smokers to make the transition to e cigs and stick with them. It can be a hard transition for people to make, so we always appreciate when e cig companies make extra efforts in order to simplify the process, and Green Smoke deserves a lot of credit for what it has done over the years. This brand got in on the ground floor and was one of the first companies to offer a simple, cigarette-style vaping device to help smokers see what e cigs could do. Green Smoke’s e cig looks and feels like a regular cigarette, even featuring a little glow on the tip when you take a puff. It’s an automatic device, without any buttons, and is very easy to start using, even for a total novice. The brand’s long batteries have 270 mAh of power, which is enough to keep you going for around 6-7 hours of light vaping, or maybe half of that time if you tend to use your device quite heavily. This means you might need to stock up on additional batteries, but Green Smoke prices its accessories fairly and allows you to save money by buying in bulk too.

The brand’s prices, in general, are very good, and Green Smoke’s cartridges also have a lot of appeal. There are two tobacco flavors, one menthol option, and a creamy blend currently offered on the menu. Green Smoke has featured more flavors in the past but has removed some of them over time, limiting their customers’ options even further. This is a shame, and we’d like to see more flavors added in the future, but the cartridges currently provided are all very good, offering surprisingly thick vapor clouds and strong flavors, thanks to the brand’s excellent FlavorMax technology. Overall, Green Smoke is a brand we can recommend, but only to people looking for a simple e cig, because that’s all this brand has to offer. It’s a solid, reliable device, but brands like Mig Vapor also offer great entry-level e cigs, as well as more advanced devices and e liquids and other options. Green Smoke’s product catalog could definitely benefit from a little more variety. Even just some different color or style options on the brand’s classic e cig would be a bonus, and we hope to see Green Smoke make a few changes in order to keep up with the competition.