moo e liquid review

MOO E Liquid, as the name suggests, is all about milky e liquids. This brand’s menu is 100% centered around milk as its core ingredient, so if you don’t like creamy flavors, you might want to look elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you do appreciate these kinds of e liquids, we can safely say that MOO could easily become one of your favorite brands. And if you’d like to see our favorites, be sure to check out our list of Best E Liquids. Getting back to MOO, the brand currently offers five different flavors and we tried them all while preparing this MOO e liquid review. We were very impressed with the entire menu and could definitely taste the high quality ingredients in each one. It’s clear that the MOO mixers definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to milky e liquids.

We always appreciate when e liquid brands put a lot of effort into marketing and image. Branding is a big part of this business and companies need to come up with original ideas and attractive packaging to catch the eye of the consumers. When we started reviewing MOO e liquids, we quickly saw that this brand has definitely taken the time to give itself a simply adorable image. Each bottle is attractively decorated, complete with cow-skin toppers and adorable labels. We’re glad to see the folks behind MOO taking such pride in what they do and making the effort to help its bottles look as good as they taste. Speaking of taste, these e liquids are simply delicious. As mentioned earlier, each flavor is built around a core of creamy milk, with additional ingredients like bananas or strawberries added in to create unique, memorable experiences. If you enjoy great quality e liquids like those on the MOO menu, you might want to read through our Blu E Liquid Review too.

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MOO E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

MOO has a whole lot of pros and not many cons. Let’s start with the downside: the MOO menu is a little small and completely dominated by milky flavors. This isn’t really a complaint, as those flavors are all excellent, but it does mean that some vapers simply won’t be interested in these products as they might not like creamy e liquids.

On the plus side, MOO’s products offer exceptional quality and decadent deliciousness in every puff. These high VG products produce a lot of vapor and work wonderfully as all-day vapes. The brand’s cute packaging and good production standards help to make MOO a surefire hit with many vapers, and set this brand apart as a solid example for other premium e liquid companies to aspire to.

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MOO E Liquid Pros

  • High vapor production.
  • Great quality ingredients.
  • Delicious flavors.
  • Cute packaging.
MOO E Liquid Cons

  • Only for milk lovers.
  • Small menu.
  • Prices can vary.

MOO E Liquid Review Summary

moo e liquid review summary

In reviewing MOO e liquid, we were very impressed by what this brand brings to the table. The MOO team chose a theme and adhered to it completely. The brand’s cute, cartoonish cow labels are a real treat, while the exclusively milk-based menu works well and sets MOO apart as one of the leading brands of these kinds of flavors. Of course, by limiting itself to one type of flavor, MOO has effectively limited its audience, but fortunately there are plenty of people out there who adore creamy e liquids like these, and we can fully recommend MOO to anyone who has even a small appreciation of milky or creamy flavors. In both its branding and its recipes, MOO exceeded our expectations.

There are only five flavors in the MOO lineup right now, but they’ve all been crafted with a huge amount of love and care. Choosing a MOO e liquid is like stepping into an old-fashioned ice cream parlor and selecting your favorite milkshake. All of these flavors provide smooth creamy notes, balanced out with simple but effective ingredients like bananas, vanilla, and chocolate. While reviewing MOO e liquids, we tried them all and really fell in love with MOO’s Blueberry Milk and Banana Milk, both of which offer some really tasty experiences and work well as all-day vapes. In short, if you’re looking for delicious milky e liquids, MOO is the brand for you.