mylk e liquid review

MYLK E Liquid is one of the first names we think of whenever we’re talking about milk-based e liquids. Our MYLK e liquid review will cover the brand’s products, as well as looking at the aesthetic and production values employed by MYLK. As the name suggests, this brand is all about milky flavors, with each of its e liquids being built around a core of creamy condensed milk. One of the flavors is just pure original milk, while the others have additional ingredients added in like strawberries or green tea. It’s a nice menu, especially for milk fans, and sets MYLK apart as one of the premium brands to choose for this style of e liquid. We always like when e liquid creators choose a niche and really focus on it, mastering their craft and excelling in their chosen domain, rather than trying to expand too far and compromising on quality. If you’re interested in creamy or sweet flavors like these, another top brand you might want to check out is Five Pawns, and you can read through our Five Pawns E Liquid Review to learn more.

MYLK has a simplistic but attractive style, with its e liquids being packaged in cute, elegant bottles. Opening those bottles up presents you with the sort of rich aromas and powerful vaping sensations that can only be produced with high quality ingredients. While testing out MYLK products for this e liquid review, we were highly impressed and could consider using several of these juices as all-day vapes. The Banana bottle, for example, combines that soft, creamy milk with a little banana tang, offering the inimitable sensation of gulping down a delicious banana milkshake. The Strawberry bottle has a similar effect, while the brand’s Green Tea offering is a little different and very interesting, bringing together natural, earthy tones of green tea, wrapped up in creamy milk. These are some great flavors, and you can check out our Best E Liquids to see our all-time favorites.

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MYLK E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

While preparing this MYLK review, it was quite hard for us to find any major cons of this brand. In fact, the only real issue we could come up with is that the limited menu might pose a problem for people who don’t like milky flavors. But if you don’t like that sort of e liquid, it’s pretty obvious that MYLK isn’t the brand for you.

Overall, our impression of MYLK is highly positive. The brand has used simple ingredients to create some powerful, delicious flavors that really stick with you, and the quality of production and ingredients is evident in every puff. Vapor lovers will also be enamored by these e liquids, as all of the bottles in the MYLK lineup produce some very thick clouds.

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MYLK E Liquid Pros

  • Delicious products.
  • Thick vapor clouds.
  • Great quality ingredients.
MYLK E Liquid Cons

  • Exclusively milky flavors.
  • Weak throat hit.
  • Lack of variety.

MYLK E Liquid Review Summary

mylk e liquid review summary

While reviewing MYLK e liquid, we were consistently impressed by this brand’s products. The MYLK mixers have completely mastered the art of crafting milk-based flavors, and there aren’t many brands out there that can hope to rival this one. In fact, if anyone out there is looking to invest in some milk-based e liquids, MYLK will be one of the very first names we recommend. This brand has made some smart, respectable decisions, sourcing top quality ingredients and using modern mixing techniques to craft a great lineup of flavors. Many e liquids struggle to faithfully recreate the flavors they’re trying to emulate, but the MYLK lineup is filled with winners.

There are currently six flavors to choose from if you decide to shop with MYLK. Banana and Strawberry are the more traditional offerings, creating those classic banana and strawberry milkshake sensations. Original captures the essence of pure condensed milk and is a really nice all-day vape, with just the right amount of sweetness. Melon adds honeydew milk into the equation, and it works surprisingly well, with the freshness of the melon balancing out the sweetness of the milk perfectly. As mentioned earlier in this MYLK e liquid review, Green Tea is another of the brand’s most popular concoctions. Filling out the menu is MYLK’s Caramel Almond; it’s one of the sweetest flavors and is totally tasty too. Give them a try and find your favorite style of MYLK.