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Smoke Stik is one of the most experienced go-to brands for people who are new to the vaping industry. This company got started back in 2008 and is located in Burlington, North Carolina, but you can find Smoke Stik products in countless locations all around the US. If you’ve stepped into a vape shop lately, there’s a good chance you might have seen this brand’s devices on the shelves. Smoke Stik isn’t a prolific manufacturer; instead of making dozens of different devices, this brand has preferred to focus on two core e cigs and perfect them, as well as providing small but interesting lines of cartridges and e liquids.

Right now, Smoke Stik offers its Classic and Ultra devices. The former is better for beginners, while the latter serves as the natural evolution of the Classic, offering more control, more power, and more options. We’ve tested both devices and enjoyed using them. The Classic is a great entry point into the world of e cigs and the Ultra is a little more intermediate. If you’re looking for more choices or more advanced hardware, we’d recommend reading our Vaporfi Review. Check out our Best E Cigs article too to learn more about our top rated devices.

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Smoke Stik Review of Pros and Cons

Smoke Stik is a simple company, offering two great devices and a good range of cartridges and e liquids to go along with them. The Classic device is perfect for beginners, and we appreciate all the different color and kit options. Meanwhile, the Ultra is a nice upgrade over the Classic vape pen, bringing more battery power and control into the hands of the user. In short, both of these devices are great.

On the downside, Smoke Stik doesn’t offer much beyond its two devices. The brand’s e liquids include some interesting flavors, but you can find countless other e liquids with other companies, and it’s worth noting that Smoke Stik’s prices are pretty high too. Clearly, there are a few flaws with Smoke Stik, but it’s a solid brand overall.

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Smoke Stik Pros

  • Classic device is great for beginners.
  • Ultra is perfect for intermediate users.
  • Flavorful cartridges and e liquids.
Smoke Stik Cons

  • Relatively high prices.
  • Lack of variety.
  • No options for advanced users.

Smoke Stik Review Summary

smoke stik review summary

We can strongly recommend Smoke Stik to beginners. The brand’s Classic device was a real winner when it first came out and continues to be a solid option in the entry-level vape pen market. This device is easy to use, with a solid battery and good vapor production among Smoke Stik’s range of flavorful cartridges. The brand does a nice job of offering plenty of variety with this device, offering different battery colors and styles to help you customize your device and find a look that works for you. With classic flavors like tobacco and menthol in the cartridge lineup, as well as more unique options like Cherry and Cappuccino, Smoke Stik’s Classic has a lot to offer. The Ultimate is a good next step for people who are looking for a little more control. Where the Classic is an automatic, no-button device, the Ultra offers manual control and is refillable, so you can use it with e liquids instead of cartridges. Again, this device provides satisfying vaping experiences and solid battery levels.

With 17 regular e liquid flavors to choose from, plus the brand’s Top Shelf lineup, there’s plenty of variety if you decide to choose Smoke Stik’s Ultra device. The e cig does well when compared to similar models, but sites like Vaporfi do offer much more variety, as well as offering advanced mods and devices that Smoke Stik simply does not provide. This brand is a good place to shop, but we have to say that you can find more options and sometimes better prices too if you shop around. A good benefit of Smoke Stik is that you don’t necessarily have to shop online for this brand’s products, as you can find them in countless vaping stores all around the US. Overall, Smoke Stik is a longstanding and successful brand, and we can see a bright future ahead for it. However, the competition is heating up in the vaping industry and brands like Vaporfi are doing more than Smoke Stik right now, so they’ll need to make some changes to stay competitive.