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Vapor Kart is a popular online vaping store, selling a wide array of hardware and e liquids. This company got started in 2012 and is based out of Atwater, California. Vapor Kart features plenty of popular and much-loved brands like Kanger, Innokin, SMOK and Joyetech in the hardware department, along with NJOY, ANML, Glas Vapor, Suicide Bunny and Naked 100 in its range of eliquids. As well as those popular brands, Vapor Kart also features some lesser-known companies, helping customers discover new options they might not have known about.

We can recommend Vapor Kart to any kind of customer, from beginners to experts, and the brand does a nice job of appealing to everyone. All-in-all, Vapor Kart is a decent vaping store and a reliable place to shop. The brand really excels with its e liquid range, featuring some of our all-time favorite brands like Five Pawns, so if you’re looking for premium juice at good prices, Vapor Kart is a good option. Vapor Kart doesn’t make any of its own products, so if you’re looking for a brand with more originality and options, we’d recommend checking out our Mig Vapor Review. Take a look at our Best E Cigs to learn about our favorite devices too.

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Vapor Kart Review of Pros and Cons

There are a few key advantages to shopping with Vapor Kart, and we also identified a few cons for this brand too. On the plus side, Vapor Kart offers a really great range of e liquids, with some of our favorite premium brands featured on the site. The company’s hardware offerings are more mixed in terms of quality, but there are some great options for beginners and intermediate e cig users too.

Vapor Kart boasts of reasonable prices throughout its product catalog, but the brand doesn’t run too many sales or special offers to help customers save a lot of cash. We’d like to see more deals to help this company stand out from the crowd. Vapor Kart also charges for shipping on all orders under $59. Overall, Vapor Kart is a solid company but needs to make a few little efforts to really give people more of a reason to shop with them.

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Vapor Kart Pros

  • Great e liquids.
  • Wide range of hardware.
  • Decent prices.
Vapor Kart Cons

  • Paid shipping.
  • Lack of discounts.

Vapor Kart Review Summary

vapor kart review summary

Vapor Kart is a simple vaping store with simple aims. This company provides variety and value, offering a nice range of hardware and e liquids for all kinds of customers. If you want to save cash and buy the cheaper options, Vapor Kart gives you that choice, and if you want to enjoy the latest devices and the most premium e liquids, you can do that too. Instead of focusing only on premium and popular brands, Vapor Kart decided to fill its product catalog with plenty of options. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the plus side, it provides more variety for customers, but on the other hand, it means that some of the items you’ll find on Vapor Kart aren’t great quality and come from some relatively unknown manufacturers like Efest and Cloupor. Having tested out a lot of different products over the years, we recommend sticking with trusted mainstream brands like SMOK and Kanger.

We’ve highlighted Vapor Kart’s e liquid range several times and it really is excellent. The inclusion of awesome brands like Five Pawns and NJOY help to set this site apart as one of the best places to shop for premium juice, but if you’re looking for even more options and more affordable e liquids, Mig Vapor is another great place to shop, even letting your mix your own flavors. Mig Vapor also features a range of original devices, with many options for beginners, so those who are new to the vaping world might be better off shopping with them. However, if you’re just looking for top quality juices and intermediate hardware, Vapor Kart is a great choice, with devices like the Innokin iTaste Hunter, Kanger TOPBOX Nano, and Innokin Cool Fire IV Plus just a few highlights. Right now, the brand isn’t doing anything too special to stand out, but it’s not making any big mistakes either. In short, Vapor Kart is a consistent and reliable option.