best e cig brandsNot all e cig brands are created equally. Our list of the best e cig brands includes companies that provide quality systems and e liquids that you can count on day in and day out to deliver the best vaping experience possible. We all know that e cigs are on a booming rise and have been for well over a year as of January 2015. We’ve personally been using e cigs since January 2013 and have been covering all aspects of this rising industry since early 2014. Thus, we learn of new e cig brands sprouting up like blades of grass in the front yard every single day. However, most new e cig companies renting the open space at your local strip mall are nothing more than Photoshop’d labels and logos slapped on junk imported from China. Sure, some (a very small few) e cig devices were or are innovated out of small Chinese sweat shops. But, the quality e cig devices and e liquids that we’re all after are predominately invented and manufactured right here in good ole’ U S of A. Therefore, we argue that ordering your e cig products and devices from our favorite brands listed below is a better option than some 1000% marked up imported Chinese junk found at your new and soon to be out of business e cig entrepreneurial venture/corner store on the basis of quality and longevity alone.

Better Understanding Our Best E Cig Brands Selections

There are literally new e cig brands sprouting up across America every single day. Unfortunately, most of the new ‘brands’ are not actually unique. Most of them just rip off other companies and sell products as if they created them. Therefore, our list of the best e cig brands is all about established brands that have already developed a reputation of producing quality products. Every brand listed above is worthy of your consideration. While we only currently list 8 brands, we will certainly be adding more in the near future. For a more specific guide of our personal favorite e cigs, check out our best e cig picks, where we point out the exact devices that you should be considering when reviewing the best electronic cigarette brands.

If you’d like to browse our best electronic cigarette selections based on specific categories, check out the following. For quicker navigation, choose between our best disposable electronic cigarettes, best compact electronic cigarettes, best tank electronic cigarettes, best mod electronic cigarettes, best new electronic cigarettes, best all around electronic cigarette and best e liquid flavors.

Halo Cigs Electronic Cigarette Brand

halo cigs brand review and coupon codes
Halo Cigs is a bit of a phenomenon. With it’s modest roots starting as as a small e cig shop in New Jersey, Halo Cigs has grown into a nationally renowned brand. Halo Cigs signature products are the Triton, G6 and Tribeca E Liquid. All of Halo’s products are fairly priced with starter kits only ranging from $44.99 to $64.99 and e liquids being $20 or under.

Vaporfi Electronic Cigarette Brand

vaporfi brand review and coupon codes
Vaporfi is an e cig company that is growing at an alarming rate. Vaporfi features a ton of different types of devices, from compact, tank and even mods. The Vaporfi brand is well know for being a very clean and respected business. They are currently opening up corporate vape shops all over the state of Florida and are well known for the VOX 50 MOD & Custom Vaporizer Builders.

NJOY Electronic Cigarette Brand

njoy brand review and coupon codes
NJOY is an established e cig brand and is well known for their retail product availability. Contrary to popular belief, NJOY is in fact privately owned. NJOY features disposables, compact and tank systems. Although, their compact rechargeable e cigs are known to have ‘issues’, their tank systems or ‘vaping systems’ and e liquid flavors are phenomenal!

V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Brand

v2 cigs brand review and coupon codes
V2 Cigs is the leading electronic cigarette company in the United States. V2 is very well known for their product quality and continuing innovation. Most recently, V2’s stand-out products are the Series 3 and Series 7 in what they have coined the ‘V2 Pro’ line of innovative multi-functional vaporizers. V2 features a fantastic compact e cig in the EX Series.

Vapor4life Electronic Cigarette Brand

vapor4life brand review and coupon code
Vapor4life is a growing brand based out of Chicago, Illinois. Vapor4life has been known for their coveted Vapor Zeus e cig which comes in a wide variety of kits, sizes and styles. They have recently released a e cig extension brand called WOW Vapor which is currently featuring the WOW V Kit. Vapor4life is a solid e cig company and always has tons of discounts!

Henley Vape Electronic Cigarette Brand

henley vape brand review and coupon code
Henley Vape is an awesome e cig company based out of New York, New York. Henley Vape is just as much about e cigs and e liquids themselves as they are the culture evolving around electronic cigarettes. Henley has an awesome store front in New York but is most notorious online for it’s ‘FTB’ Uptown mod e cig. Henley also features the coolest e liquid around!

Vapor Hub Electronic Cigarette Brand

vapor hub brand review and coupon codes
Vapor Hub is an e cig company based out of California but quickly sprouting all over the United States. Vapor Hub is most notorious for their extremely innovative mechanical mod systems as well as the huge selection of parts and components for advanced vapor users to essentially build and maintain their own systems. Vapor Hub is almost ahead of their time.

Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette Brand

blu cigs brand review and coupon codes
Blu Cigs is a well known and established e cig company. They are now owned by a multi-national corporate tobacco conglomerate but still operate their headquarters out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Our Blu Cigs review is honestly not very good as the company is well known for their sub-par starter kits and cartridges that often fail to work properly.