blacknote adagio reviewBlacknote Adagio is representing classic Havana tobacco like no other. Whenever someone talks about the best tobaccos in the world, Cuba is one of the first locations on their lips. Havana tobacco is known all around the globe for its stunning mixture of flavors and sensations. Now, you are able to enjoy every aspect of this world-famous type of tobacco in the form of Blacknote Adagio. This particular e-liquid really stands out from the rest, fusing every single aspect that makes Havana tobacco so widely-appreciated. Adagio needs to be experienced to be believed, offering a swirl of flavors that can make you feel as though you’re right there in Cuba. This juice offers a distinctive spiciness, delicately balanced with hints of sugar and a beautiful smoky finish. In the same way that Havana is one of the very best forms of tobacco, we can safely say that Adagio is one of the very best e-liquids on the market right now.

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Blacknote Adagio Overall Taste:
Essentially, Adagio captures the taste of smoking good quality Havana tobacco. The first thing you’ll notice is the smoky tones that are just present enough to be enjoyable without overwhelming the rest of the flavor. That smokiness stays with you as you puff and quickly fuses with a gentle sweetness. That famous Havana spice will hit you next and really brings the mixture together. None of the flavors really dominate. Instead, they all work to complement each other and create a somewhat mild flavor that is very pleasant as an all-day vape.

Blacknote Adagio Throat Hit:
Adagio offers a relatively smooth throat hit that will keep you coming back for more. While other products may be a little harsh on the throat, we’ve found that the Blacknote collection offers just the right amount of strength.

Blacknote Adagio Vapor Production:
Adagio contains a good balance of VG and PG, using a 50:50 ratio that works nicely to provide quite a lot of vapor while preserving the intensity of the taste and the power of the throat hit. It’s also important to note that you may get more vapor depending on the equipment you use.

Blacknote Adagio Product & Shipping Costs:
A 30ml bottle of Blacknote Adagio comes in at $29. It’s certainly on the expensive side, but the company does help to even things out by offering free shipping. Also, the quality of this bottle, and the other bottles in the Blacknote collection, is so high that we really can’t argue with that price. These juices have been made with a lot of time and hard work, using the very best ingredients to create unique tobacco-inspired sensations that you will struggle to find anywhere else. It’s therefore perfectly normal for the company to charge $29 per bottle, and when you compare this price to how much it would cost to buy genuine Havana tobacco, the savings are enormous.

Blacknote Adagio Product Availability:
While some companies struggle to make their products available all-year long, Blacknote isn’t one of them. If ever you need to buy some more of this juice, or any other bottle from the company’s lineup, you won’t have to worry. Each and every product is always in stock and will usually be shipped very quickly.

Introducing Blacknote Adagio Via Notebook Collection

blacknote adagio notebook collection

Former smokers or people who simply love the great taste of Havana tobacco will really love this particular bottle. If you do enjoy Adagio, there’s a strong chance you’ll find lots to love in the rest of the Blacknote menu too. That’s why we recommend the Blacknote Notebook Collection. This set contains small (7ml) bottles of all of the various tobacco-inspired flavors offered by the company. It’s a great way for you to save some cash while testing out all of these excellent products.

Blacknote Adagio Review Summary

Havana tobacco is world-famous for a lot of reasons. It’s a time-tested tobacco that appeals to a huge range of people. Equally, Blacknote Adagio will be able to appeal to quite a broad audience. It has a great flavor that really can’t be beat, with smoky, sweet and spicy undertones blended together to perfection. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lifelong Havana fan or have never had the pleasure of this type of tobacco, Adagio is an excellent vape juice.