blacknote prelude reviewBlacknote Prelude is our favorite of the entire 8 flavor collection. It’s known as a flue-cured Virginia Blend and features light, vibrant and aromatic tones. Prelude, unlike some other Blacknote flavors, for us, is able to fall into the category of an ‘all-day’ vape. While Prelude does come across sweeter than nearly all seven other Blacknote flavors, it’s not the all too common too sweet problem that e liquids often run into. With that being said, we smoked Menthol traditional tobacco cigarettes for roughly 7 years before making the switch and have had a couple of years now to get comfortable with at least subtly sweet flavors. Prelude is often compared to a slightly sweeter Marlboro Light, which is perfect for a large percentage of former tobacco cigarette smokers who are most likely in a desperate search for that classic tobacco flavor in an e liquid.

We test the Blacknote Prelude Flavor with both the Vaporfi VOX II MOD & the Halo Reactor MOD. (Both of which we consider to be a couple of the best e cig systems available online.) For more information on both of these advanced vaping devices, check out our Vaporfi VOX II MOD Review & Halo Reactor MOD Review. Furthermore, don’t forget to use our Vaporfi Coupon & Halo Cigs Coupon to save as much money as possible on your new starter kit.

Blacknote Prelude Overall Taste:
You can expect a light, smooth, slightly sweet and aromatic experience when vaping with Prelude. It’s truly one of the few e liquids on the market that delivers a regular tobacco flavor without being to sweet or too rich or certainly even too bold.

Blacknote Prelude Throat Hit:
Prelude is one of the few Blacknote e liquids that we gave a full 5 out of 5 stars. Basically, if you’ve ever used an e liquid that doesn’t deliver a descent throat hit before, you quickly understand it’s importance. It doesn’t hit you like a ton of bricks or anything, it just let’s you know you took a ‘hit’ or puff.

Blacknote Prelude Vapor Production:
For those that don’t know, vapor production is all about an e liquids PG/VG ratio. Prelude’s PG/VG ratio happens to be 50/50, making for a very delicate balance of flavor and vapor production. No qualms at all about Prelude’s vapor production. (On a side note, vapor production is obviously also an instrument of the actual vaping or e cig device itself, specifically the device’s atomizer/tank system.)

Blacknote Prelude Product & Shipping Costs:
As with all Blacknote e liquids, Prelude is priced sternly at $29 per 30 mL bottle. Which for some will certainly be looked at as expensive, however, those who know what their talking about understand the huge savings compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes. I personally vape all day, every day and have never used more than 30 mL of e liquid in any one month period (usually it’s around 30 mL every 45 to 60 days depending on the flavor and nicotine percentage). Additionally, unlike essentially all other e liquid companies, Blacknote ships all of their products 100% free and it happens to be freaky fast (1-3 business days or it’s literally free).

Blacknote Prelude Product Availability:
Blacknote is a responsible company on every level and is always fully stocked. You would think this concept wouldn’t be much of a factor, however, we deal with a ton of e cig/e liquid companies and often times great products quickly become sold out. This isn’t the case with Blacknote and Prelude specifically. If you decide Prelude is your new ‘go-to’ daily vape, you can always count on it being available for purchase.

Introducing Blacknote Prelude Via Notebook Collection

blacknote prelude notebook collection

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to pull the trigger on Blacknote’s Prelude e liquid, we strongly recommend ordering their Blacknote Notebook Collection. The Blacknote Notebook comes with every single flavor via 7 mL bottles and is the perfect way to test each one out individually. Afterwards, you’ll most likely find a couple favorites in which you’ll order corresponding 30 mL bottles on a consistent basis. We actually found ourselves ordering the Notebook several times due to the fact that each flavor is amazing in it’s own regard and it’s a very cost effective way to continue to enjoy each of them.

Blacknote Prelude Review Summary

All in all, as stated numerous throughout our Blacknote Prelude review, it’s a phenomenal light tobacco flavor and should not be overlooked. If you decide to opt for the Blacknote Notebook Collection, you’ll most likely find yourself going through the entire 7 mL bottle of Prelude before you finish any other flavor, if that tells you anything.