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Blacknote Bravura Review

Blacknote Bravura offers an excellent all-day vape option for people who enjoy smooth experiences and traditional tobacco flavors. Bravura is a Perique blend, so will particularly appeal to fans of the famous Louisiana tobacco. This e-liquid offers a remarkably natural flavor and also delivers noticeable yet faint fruity notes which help to add to the
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Blacknote Cadenza Review

Blacknote Cadenza is a slightly spicy and aromatic Basma tobacco (sun-cured in the mountains of Northeastern Greece) blend. Cadenza is one of those flavors that people tend to love or hate. For those who really value aroma and sophistication in flavor, Cadenza is a godsend. If you’ve ever been around a person (usually an older
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Blacknote Sonata Review

Blacknote Sonata is the perfect choice for people who love a little touch of sweetness in their tobacco. This liquid is derived from Cavendish tobacco, famed for its extra sweet flavor through the addition of various flavorings like sugar, honey or rum. Blacknote Sonata makes use of high quality Virginia tobacco that has been fire-cured
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Blacknote Legato Review

Blacknote Legato is for ex cigarette smokers and tobacco enthusiasts. Tobacco connoisseurs can be very critical of e-liquids, as it takes a lot of time and attention to detail for a vape juice to really capture the essence of the tobacco it is trying to emulate. Legato is an example of what can happen when
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Blacknote Adagio Review

Blacknote Adagio is representing classic Havana tobacco like no other. Whenever someone talks about the best tobaccos in the world, Cuba is one of the first locations on their lips. Havana tobacco is known all around the globe for its stunning mixture of flavors and sensations. Now, you are able to enjoy every aspect of
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Blacknote Solo Review

Blacknote Solo is one of the only menthol e liquid available that actually features a real classic menthol flavor profile. The name of this e-liquid is suitable apt, as Blacknote Solo is actually the only member of the Blacknote lineup to feature a menthol-inspired flavor. Customers rave about this particular flavor and we can understand
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Blacknote Forte Review

Blacknote Forte features a full bodied yet slightly sweet Burley tobacco flavor. While Forte is certainly not as sweet as other Blacknote flavors, it’s very light sweetness does undertone the more full bodied flavor of the obvious more bold Burley tobacco. The Forte flavor won’t appeal to everyone, but hey, every person has their own
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Blacknote Prelude Review

Blacknote Prelude is our favorite of the entire 8 flavor collection. It’s known as a flue-cured Virginia Blend and features light, vibrant and aromatic tones. Prelude, unlike some other Blacknote flavors, for us, is able to fall into the category of an ‘all-day’ vape. While Prelude does come across sweeter than nearly all seven other
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Black Note E Liquid Review

Black Note is a very unique e liquid company in an incredibly diverse market. Black Note infamously only features tobacco based e liquid flavors, which is frankly a much welcomed trait for many ex traditional tobacco smokers who are looking for nothing more than simple yet effective tobacco tastes. Not only does the Black Note
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